how to turn off contexual ads

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how to turn off contexual ads
Thu, 03-11-2010 - 1:23am

found this link on another board, thought I'd share it here. Ivillage decided that we needed more advertising to keep it free here. Use this link to turn it off. You know, all those underlined words in the text? You can turn that off.

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Thu, 03-11-2010 - 5:23pm

Yes, right now you can opt out of viewing these ads. If you scroll all the way down to the bottom of a message/thread, you'll see a link that will take you to a page that answers some questions on

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Thu, 03-11-2010 - 6:55pm


I found the ads annoying.

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Fri, 03-12-2010 - 8:09am
Thank you!