June Goals

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June Goals
Wed, 06-02-2010 - 9:23am

What are your goals for June?

1. Do a grocery exile. I'd like to only purchase fresh produce, dairy products



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Wed, 06-02-2010 - 9:37am

I am going with 3 goals this month because I have not been doing well completing my goals last month

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Wed, 06-02-2010 - 8:12pm

May was such an awful fail that I'm just kinda tweaking the goals and running with it :)

1. Keep up with the sleep training. I need to do better about waking DH up in the middle of the night and not letting Alexis get into our bed. We're making progress but need to keep on.

2. Use the Wii to burn 840 calories (average of 20 mins/day every 3 days). It's not much - but it's a vast improvement over May.

3. Walk or ride bikes as a family at least 6 nights per week (weather permitting).

4. Plan trip to Cedar Point - including getting permission from the parents of the kiddos we want to take with us, make camping reservations, etc.




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Wed, 06-02-2010 - 9:50pm

My Goals for June.....

1. Declutter the Spare Room to make room for my school stuff that is coming home the 3rd week of June.

2. Order Angel Food for June. I think that this may help with the grocery budget a little bit.

3. Pay off a loan

4. Apply for Unemployment and put my student loans on deferment due to economic hardship.

5. Complete my Fafsa for Fall

6. Stay within the $180 weekly budget that is set up.

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Wed, 06-02-2010 - 10:30pm

I am going to keep this one fun....

it's summer after all!

I am going to finish my quilt this month.

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Thu, 06-03-2010 - 9:55am

Hi, I'm new to the board, I hope no one minds if I jump right in :)

1) I am going to try to put away $150 off both June paychecks this month, easier said then done.

2) I am going to cook every meal at home - no ordering pizza or picking up McDonalds.

3) I am going to get some form of exercise every single day with the kids.

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Thu, 06-03-2010 - 3:51pm

1. Shop out of my freezer, using meats especially.




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Thu, 06-03-2010 - 4:25pm

Get puppy completely housebroken-still an accident here and there

Have puppy learn the command sit

Get puppy out and socialized as much as possible

Have outside of house painted

Keep grocery budget in check--$140 week

keep household in check--$20 week-going broke on paper towels for puppy messes

Read 3 books of my choosing

Keep up on dishes and dusting and laundry


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Thu, 06-03-2010 - 6:12pm

I havnt been here in awhile, totally flaked when things got really really bad around here and basically just focused on surviving but things are getting better now.

1) Find a car, somehow.

2) Make a new budget

3) Finish decluttering master bedroom/closet

4) Clean out DD's closet and sell/donate some things (second time this year already)

5) Finish painting living room.


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Thu, 06-03-2010 - 11:07pm
Limit my spending at the grocery store.


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Fri, 06-04-2010 - 10:55am

1. Stick to grocery budget. Did pretty well last month.

2. Cut the eating