DH unemployed again

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DH unemployed again
Sun, 01-04-2009 - 7:18pm

We haven't financially recovered from the last one yet....and DH was let go from his current job.

I have no idea if he'll qualify for any unemployment this time, and I just don't have it in me right now to be sympathetic so I'm trying for the "if you can't say anything nice don't say anything"

Last time I was all "we'll get through it, it will be ok" blah, blah.....and as unsupportive and mean as it sounds right now....I'm angry and feel like he really let me down and I'm resentful that once again I'm going to be the only one giving a rat's rear end if we stay afloat, I'm going to be the one watching the bills and trying to spend as little as possible, I'm going to be the one figuring out what is a priority and what can wait, and I don't have an "escape" like playing WoW when I don't feel like dealing with it...(and that's another source of resentment rearing it's ugly head right now)


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Sun, 01-04-2009 - 7:45pm
I'm sorry to hear about your dh's job loss. You've been through alot and it sounds like you are just plain out exhausted. That could be contributing to your
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Sun, 01-04-2009 - 9:01pm

*Hugs* I'm so sorry, Sherry. That sucks. Hopefully he'll get a knot jerked in his tail and start doing his share to make sure you guys get through this rough patch.

For what it's worth, I really, really hate Blizzard and am basically a WoW widow, I feel you re: WoW.

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Mon, 01-05-2009 - 10:43am
Hopefully a new job will come by real soon.


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Tue, 01-06-2009 - 12:03pm

OMG, are we married to the same man????


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Tue, 01-06-2009 - 3:53pm

Sorry to hear about the job loss, Sherry. I'm not always the most sympathetic w/my dh's current lay-off either. I have some resentment at times too. Like when I'm up getting the kids ready for school and he's still in bed. No WoW issues, but he can spend hours on the computer playing free cell.

Anyway, I hope the job search goes well for him and he can find something quickly. Hope you're feeling less stressed too. (((HUGS)))


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Thu, 01-08-2009 - 9:32am

Oh Sherry, I am so sorry...layoffs are rotten. Dh was laid off twice last year, and I am so hoping that this year will be better.

I am reading "What color is your parachute? 2009" from the library. It is interesting, and it has changed the way that I thought you were "supposed" to job hunt.

Good luck!