QOTW: If I Had Cancer I Would...?

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QOTW: If I Had Cancer I Would...?
Mon, 07-26-2010 - 4:15pm

QOTW: If I Had Cancer I Would...?

  • I would follow a med pros advice & do everything medical research suggested.
  • I would use traditional medicine & some naturopathic if indicated.
  • I would use traditional cures, but rely heavily on alternatives.
  • I would rely soley on non-traditional, naturopathic or alternatives.
  • I would use any method available to bring about a cure. I want to live.
  • Other. Please feel free to respond to this or any of the options.

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Tue, 07-27-2010 - 9:30am

After watching my MIL die from cancer because she refused conventional medical treatment, I'd personally take tried and true medical advice and treatments that have been researched over alternative treatments that have not been.

My MIL got a hold of a quack who sold her a "diet" that would cure her cancer. I will spare the details but she died in a very ugly manner.

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Thu, 07-29-2010 - 9:46am
That is so sad): It must have been just as awful for you & the family to watch her suffer, Karla.
I know traditional cancer treatment is scary. Chemo & radiation can have horrible side effects. OTOH, it has proven success. It makes me wonder why ppl would choose an alternative that has mostly anecdotal success. jan



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Thu, 07-29-2010 - 9:53am
I would use traditional medicine as indicated. My sister's cancer(late stage malignant melanoma) was incurable, yet she used traditional measures in the hope that she could get remission or extend her life. It did neither. She suffered more & for a longer time.
I do wonder about these cancer treatment centers advertised on tv. I would do some investigating about the holistic approach they take & perhaps add it to the traditional treatment. I believe they advocate dietary changes & use mind-body techniques. Does anyone know about this & could add something? jan



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Thu, 07-29-2010 - 12:33pm
Holistic Health and Alternative Medicine are 2 separate things... "Holistic" is the recognition that each person is a unique individual and should be treated as such - mind/body/spirit and the thrust of Holistic medicine is prevention. Holistic Medicine is NOT something that is used in place of conventional medicine.
While the term "Alternative" would imply that those therapies are used in place of conventional medicine, it's a little misleading.
What we really strive for is something that is called Integrative Medicine - the blend of conventional and alternative therapies. Many times the conventional treatment approach can be difficult, scary, and painful, but alternative therapies help to minimize those side effects.
In the case of cancer... Alternative therapies help the person get thru the chemo and the discomfort of treatment with the use of Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, some herbs to lessen the upset stomach, Meditation to calm the mind, Yoga to calm the body, etc...
Alternative and Allopathic Medicine aren't meant to replace each other, but they are best used together in a blended form.
Hope this helps...
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Thu, 07-29-2010 - 5:06pm
Thanks for sharing your information. Do you know if the cancer centers use a holistic approach along w/the alternatives you mentioned?
I guess my view on *holistic* (similiar to yours) is treating the patient as a whole. Individualizing their care by keeping in mind their spiritual, religious, environmental, cultural beliefs, etc. Of course in nursing the goal is wellness. With cancer, that isn't always possible. I do know some nurses who practice holistic care & are involved in complementary/alternatives.
Anyhoo, I read your profile & sure wish you'd post more often!:) jan



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Thu, 07-29-2010 - 7:13pm
Thanks Jan
More and more we are seeing integrative treatment centers, medical practices and clinics...hopefully it becomes mainstream over time. Many nurses now are certified in healing touch therapy and can offer their patients the benefit of that therapy.
I'm always somewhat leery of hospitals or clinics that refer to themselves as being "Holistic" when every clinician, practitioner, medical professional and staff member is an allopathic trained and practicing clinician. I like to see at least a few of their employees or staff members have formal training in alternative, natural, or holistic practices. Everyone is entitled to call themselves holistic, but not everyone can call themselves a doctor - there are legal restrictions on many professional titles but not on the title of "Holistic" The term "Holistic" has become very trendy and consumers need to be cautious that there are some that may be cashing in on an opportunity. LOL just because I stand in the garage, doesn't mean I can call myself a car:)
One of the best resources we have available to us is Chiropractors... they are considered to be Alternative, are highly trained, legally governed, and they are usually extremely connected to other holistic, alternative, and naturopathic practitioners within the community. Often they are very helpful in making recommendations and referrals to those that call their office asking for information.