What’s Your Risk of Getting Bed Bugs?

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What’s Your Risk of Getting Bed Bugs?
Wed, 08-25-2010 - 11:34am

With infestations on the rise, it’s a good idea to take preventive measures. I have never seen a bedbug, but they give me the shivers):

How can we spot them? What should we look for and how difficult are bed bugs to spot?
The adults are surprisingly easy to see. They’re actually 1/4-inch long. The best way to describe them is they look like an apple seed or lentil. If you’re looking around your home, you can look around the mattress of your bed. Look around the seams of the mattress, the dust ruffle, the head board, and then look for what’s called bed bug dirt, which is excrement. That’s going to be blackish and it can also look like dried blood. The other way of looking for bugs is by any repercussions on your body. Most people, when they are bitten by bed bugs, will show welts on their body. They’re very, very itchy, and they can really swell up.

This time of year, we’re often asked, “Is this a mosquito bite or a bed bug bite?” Mosquitoes bites we see in areas that are more exposed when we’re outside, like legs or arms. With bed bug bites, you can see them in areas that aren’t visible outside, like the trunk of your body. Also, the face is another area where bed bugs may sometimes bite. And often times, they’re in multiples--what we’re calling breakfast, lunch and dinner. You may see three bites in a line pattern up and down the same area.

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