Herb of the Week: Fenugreek

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Herb of the Week: Fenugreek
Thu, 09-02-2010 - 2:33pm

Fenugreek(Greek hayseed)
Botanical name:

* Trigonella foenum-graecum
Historical or traditional use (may or may not be supported by scientific studies)

A wide range of uses were found for fenugreek in ancient times. Medicinally it was used for the treatment of wounds, abscesses, arthritis, bronchitis, and digestive problems. Traditional Chinese herbalists used it for kidney problems and conditions affecting the male reproductive tract. Fenugreek was, and remains, a food and a spice commonly eaten in many parts of the world.

The typical range of intake for diabetes or cholesterol-lowering is 5-30 grams with each meal or 15-90 grams all at once with one meal. As a tincture, 3-4 ml of fenugreek can be taken up to three times per day. Read more @: http://www.ivillage.com/fenugreek-0/4-y-94363




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