Not to be redundant, but this SUCKS BUTT

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Not to be redundant, but this SUCKS BUTT
Thu, 03-27-2003 - 9:46am
Everything I click on opens a new freaking window. It takes sooooooo long to load, I've been on the board 15mins and detest it already. I checked out the "welcome board" yesterday and didn't like it then either.

I have the Outline window open. Everytime I click on a message from the outline window, it opens another window with the message in it. Plus I have this window. And when I select a message to read from this window it takes 5 mins for it to friggin load! Then I have to go through each response one by one....

This really really really stinks! At least if they were going to change the boards, they could have added more cool features like emoticons or picture hosting. That at least, would make all this waiting for pages to load worth while. I can't see me reading/posting much with this nonsense!

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Thu, 03-27-2003 - 10:15am
It'll get better ... it was loading waaaaay slow for me earlier (and I have cable), but now it seems better.

I'm learning to like the multi-window thing ... slowly ... here's how a typical 'view, then post' works for me.

I open my main window and load the main browser (window 1)

I select 'outline view' so I can see the main posts, plus the 'teasers' from the replies. I have to hit 'outline view' twice for some reason, once to open the new window and once to actually switch it to outline view. (window 2) Don't try to 'refresh' the outline view for some reason, on my machine, it doesn't work. Just close window 2, refresh window 1 and start over.

I open a message (window 3), work through the replies I want to see ... close the window if I don't want to respond. This then takes me back to my window 2...and I don't have to 'find' where I was again (sometimes this was a pain in the old format).

If I post, it stays in window 3 ... when done posting it gives you the option to 'go back to ******" ... instead of selecting either option, just close the window and you're back, no waiting for the page to reload. Make sure you're working with multiple windows before closing the windows...I've already closed my browser b/c I responded to a message I was viewing in the 'main' window instead of a message in the outline view and I had to open my browser again! ;)

It's not hard to navigate ... and when the switch is complete, it'll be better. Expect a few glitches and changes (like board folders) for the next week or so!