Joining the disenchanted

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Joining the disenchanted
Thu, 03-27-2003 - 1:03pm
After 4+ years of enjoying this board and all the wonderful people on it, I'm afraid this may be it for me. This new format is a major step down from the old one IMO. It sure was nice when you knew where a post was and could view it, and subsequent posts to it, in a glance instead of the post wandering the countryside like a calf lost in chaparrel. The old board was easy to scan down and easy to catch new posts since the last visit. I could "check over" the old board in about 2 minutes to see if there was anything new and of interest.

Anywho... I loved coming here for the sense of community that this board possessed. Even when we didn't relate to certain posts by others, they gave us a lot of knowledge and insite into each other that made the board much more than just a Q&A forum. This new format doesn't seem like it will support the type of interactive community the old board did, and that was truly one of the main reasons I was here for so long. I learned A LOT by reading through posts that I probably wouldn't have the time or inclination to read on this new format. Plus, I won't be opening any posts whose titles don't grab my attention and will miss information in subsequent posts as a result- information that was somewhat out in the open before.

Does anybody else here remember the uprising a few years ago when PP wanted to change our format to match those used by Parentsoup? Where the newest posts come in at the top of the board and work their way down? We pitched a fit about that and they left our boards alone- if only these new boards were half as good as that Parentsoup format...

Oh well, to everything there is a season...

I'll lurk around for a while to see if it gets better, but may not be posting much. Like others, I don't have time to weed through so many subpages.

Love you all!

~Vickie Fish

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Thu, 03-27-2003 - 3:43pm
I feel the same way Vickie. I've decided to give it a few days to see if my opinion changes. But right now I pretty much feel that it sucks. I've been part of many different communities & have seen many board set-ups & this is the worst, by far. The old format was so user friendly. I guess I just don't understand...if they were having problems with space, why didn't they just keep the most current 10 or so archives & put the rest of the archives in a separate place...wouldn't that have freed up alot of space?

Or maybe this was a way to get the membership fees that they wanted a few months ago...Make the new board so bad that everyone clamors for the old one. I know that I balked a few months ago when the idea of membership fees came up...But, after this, I would gladly pay $25 a year to have the old format back.

Anyway, I have your e-mail addy already, I'll e-mail you next week & we'll talk.

Peace, Lisa

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Thu, 03-27-2003 - 4:22pm
I know it does suck to have this completely new format thrust upon us poor victims! LOL... Some people may feel I'm being melodramatic, but this is SO different that it's really hard on those of us who liked things the way they were.

That said, I honestly believe this may be a good change once they get all the problems fixed and we have had a chance to make it our home. Who likes the new house when they are still getting utilities transferred and are surrounded by boxes? -g- Just think, we won't have to beg and plead for someone to please post the recipe for sticky chicken AGAIN... if we want to buy a new vacuum, just do a search... there are lots of great new features.

Part of the reason it's so cumbersome right now is because everything is new. Once we get the board formatted the way we like with the folders, it should be really easy to navigate. Plus, unlike the old board, you'll be able to tell at a glance what is new.

Please stick around for at least another week. Or even take a break and come back later, when we have settled in a bit. We'd hate to lose you!!!


cl-lfbennett @ Frugal Living

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Thu, 03-27-2003 - 4:35pm
I really don't see any "glitches". I see bad design. Just for me to be able to view posts and reply, I have to have THREE windows open! And each one takes FOREVER on my slow-poke dial-up. I don't see how that is going to change. Unless they re-vamp the boards again, I will ALWAYS have to have 3 windows open to be able to use the boards. That makes manuevering cumbersome and time-consuming. Something this SAHM to four, college student, military wife doesn't have time for.

And that's just too bad :(
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Fri, 03-28-2003 - 12:14am
I agree! I keep reading that outline will help but it does not. I don't like having to open every message. If they could change the design a bit to fix it so that you can see the header of every post, sub-post etc at a glance it would be so much better. Oh and I don't like that the headers only show a few posts (15?) and you have to click on more to see the rest?! The more popular ones stay on top? Is that why people are complaining about posts moving around? I had time to scan the board the way it was before. Don't know if I have time for this?!
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Fri, 03-28-2003 - 11:04am
I totally agree with you!! I absolutely do not like this format!

I can't sit here going through all these files. The old board was much better. Easier and quicker to read.
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Sun, 03-30-2003 - 8:44am
I completely agree. I knew it was a bad sign when DH just glanced over and thought that it was bad from looking. Not a current board member just said it was so complicated and difficult to look at that he would not join a similar board.