SEND FEEDBACK at bottom of page!

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SEND FEEDBACK at bottom of page!
Thu, 03-27-2003 - 3:38pm
I agree with others who are complaining about the new board style. It certainly doesn't fit with the way I normally use the board. I can see how very easy it would now be for someone's post to go unanswered because it scrolls off this new front page.

HOWEVER - we aren't getting anywhere complaining to each other about it. None of us is going to change it. We need to tell iVillage we don't like it.

There is a link at the bottom right of the screen...all the way at the bottom ... that says "Feedback & Help". Click it and fill out the form. I've already done so, and I hope others will, too.

I can easily adapt to change. But I don't easily put up with poor design.

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Thu, 03-27-2003 - 4:33pm
Thanks :)

People sometimes just need to vent, rather than take any particular action. That's fine. If there are specific questions or worries, you can also ask me and Kasandra. We can look it up on the CL Discussion Board if we don't know off-hand ourselves.

I do know this will take some time to get set up properly, and for us to get used to. For those of you who don't like it, I'd suggest giving it a week to see if it gets better once we get the kinks worked out.

Try to look at it as a new opportunity, rather than a punishment :)

cl-lfbennett @ Frugal Living

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Fri, 03-28-2003 - 11:10am
Thanks for letting us know about where to complain. Just dashed off an email to them.

Hope it helps! M.
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Sat, 03-29-2003 - 8:59pm
good idea. I have a software writer for a DH and he is appalled by how poorly designed this is. Naomi