Menus week of 12/14

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Menus week of 12/14
Sun, 12-14-2008 - 12:14pm

I have potato soup in the crockpot for tonight. I'll probably make some cheesy bread to go along w/it as well as have some fruit.

BBQ ribs (crockpot), potato wedges, green beans

Tilapia, rice mix, corn, fresh fruit

Black Bean soup, homemade tortilla chips (if I get around to doing those!), grapes or apple slices

Homemade chicken nuggets, potato wedges, carrots w/ranch dip

A night of leftovers--I have some small servings of different things in the freezer.

Sat. is the Angel Food pick-up day and we'll have something from that. I haven't decided what yet.


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Sun, 12-14-2008 - 5:48pm

Sunday Splerged on Subway sub for lunch.


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Sun, 12-14-2008 - 10:58pm

Well, I ad-libbed some of last weeks dinners instead of following my menu plan.

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Sun, 12-14-2008 - 11:35pm


Sun - we were on our own, I had a frozen dinner.

Mon - Korean pork

Tues - bbq chicken in the crockpot

Wed - Enchiladas and rice

Thurs - Bday dinner for my dad at my parents' house

Fri - Breakfast for dinner

Sat - we have a holiday party


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Mon, 12-15-2008 - 12:25pm

Monday - meatball heroes (never had this last week), broccoli

Tuesday - leftover chicken (from a crockpot meal) over rice, green beans

Weds - I'm doing a consulting event, so DH and DS will probably get sandwiches

Thursday - leftover pot roast, noodles, cauliflower

Friday - Pasta with creamy tomato shrimp sauce

Hugs, Jean

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Mon, 12-15-2008 - 12:37pm



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Mon, 12-15-2008 - 2:06pm

Gosh...I don't know, lol. I planned the past two weeks, so all was well there...just didn't have time to do this week, or beyond.

Let's see what I can come up with, it will have to be a "quick and easy" meal week, we are busy:

Sunday - Shrimp cocktail, burgers, homemade chocolate chip cookies for the kids and dh.

Monday - Turkey tacos w/homemade corn tortillas (I will finally try out the tortilla press I bought!)

Tuesday - Ham steaks w/balsamic and maple glaze (I had another maple srup in the pantry, lol), rice, vegetable

Wednesday - Breakfast for dinner (ds's choir/band concert tonight)

Thursday - Soup and sandwiches

Friday - pizza at the karate school (testing day for the students)

Saturday - ??


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Mon, 12-15-2008 - 2:33pm

Sunday--Chinese Takeout

Monday--Roast and Potatoes and Carrots

Tuesday--Chicken, Stuffing, Mashed Potatoes, Broccoli and Cheese

Wednesday--Grilled Chicken Salads


Friday--DH and I going out to dinner!

Saturday--We have a gift card to Red Lobster!