waffles? Making, Freezing, Reheating?

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waffles? Making, Freezing, Reheating?
Mon, 01-19-2009 - 10:41am

So I don't know that much about waffles. Growing up, I loved them. Long ago, when dh and I got married, we got a waffle iron, and I sucked! So I gave it away. Now a friend had an extra one and gave it to me. I decided to give it a try, since we have a son in kindergarten and he often doesn't want to eat breakfast. I've made three batches so far, and while they weren't the best, they were a hit with all my boys! (a very rare thing that all my boys love the same food)

Now I have a couple questions, and would really appreciate ANY advice re: making and freezing them. How do you make sure the oil is brushed on evenly? Do you find a silicone brush works better or one that looks like a paintbrush? When you're done, how do you clean the iron? Any shortcuts to cleaning it?! What about freezing the waffles? Any particular method that works best for freezing then reheating for a quick breakfast? TIA!

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Mon, 01-19-2009 - 2:27pm

My boys are constantly telling me I should work at Waffle House or open a restaurant because "your homemade waffles are sooooo good", lol! I haven't bought frozen waffles in probably 6--7 years. So here's my answers to your questions....

Brush on oil??? Never even heard of this, lol!! I just spray the top & bottom of my waffle iron with generic Pam before pouring on the batter for the 1st waffle. I only need to spray it on once, not in between each waffle.

Cleaning the waffle iron---After unplugging the waffle iron, I let it sit closed for about 5 min. or so. Then I take a damp rag and put it inside the waffle iron. Yes, it will hiss and make steam. I let this sit there until the waffle iron is cooled or until I remember about it later in the day. I then open it up and wipe off any dampness. I let it sit open for awhile until it's totally dry, close it up and put it away.

Freezing waffles--After they're cooked, I set them on wire racks to cool. As they cool, I stack them on top of each other. Once I'm totally done, I set the rack of cooled, stacked waffles in the freezer for a few hours. Then I put them into a big ziploc freezer bag.

Reheating waffles--Pop them in the toaster. If your toaster has a setting for frozen stuff, set it to that. However, you may have to experiment w/that. Mine has a frozen setting, but it tends to get the waffles toastier than my kids like. As in the kids say they're "burned". So that is all a matter of opinion and tastes.

Here's the recipe I have used for years! One thing I didn't mention in the recipe post--I will sometimes sprinkle a few choc. chips or peanut butter chips on the batter before I close it up; my kids love that! http://messageboards.ivillage.com/iv-ppfrugal/?msg=45052.1 Good luck


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Tue, 01-20-2009 - 5:20am
I pretty much do it like Kelly does. I spray the oil at the start (I suppose if I didn't have a way to do that, I'd use a silicone brush). Sometimes I do need to spray the oil on more than the once, it just depends. I don't clean the waffle iron. Except the outside. I do wipe it down. I do freeze waffles. I cool them on a baking rack. Then I stack them in gallon size Ziplocs to freeze. Or, if you're going to be eating them within a few days, you can just refrigerate them. We just reheat them in the regular toaster, but you could use the toaster oven, or even the oven, if you wanted to do so.