Horrible Grocery Experience....

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Horrible Grocery Experience....
Thu, 01-22-2009 - 4:42pm

Well today I went to Kroger. Mason decided he wanted to try to run into the road TWICE. Now my rule is if you don't listen to mommy you get in the cart. Not just in the cart but fastned. So he decided to make it h@ll on me. He screamed the whole time I was shopping.

That wasn't the bad part. I can just ignore that. Everybody was doing the usual starring at me. Some nice old people would stop by and say little cute comments like what song are singing so loud. I can handle that. What I couldn't handle was the fact that this frozen food worker at Kroger came up to my child and asked "What wrong, are you hurt?", and then looks at me and literally asks, "Why are you hurting your child". Then she walked away. At first I was in shock. I didn't say anything. I could have atleast definding myself. But I was stunned. Did she really ask me that.

I kept shopping. By the time we got to the checkout lane he was fine. So I did really good. I politly asked for the manager. The manger was in a meeting so the cashier supervisor came over. I told her what that employee said to


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Thu, 01-22-2009 - 4:59pm
Ummm, someone needs to be fired. In no way is that appropriate of anyone and a employee! I would call headquarters on them and make something happen.
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Thu, 01-22-2009 - 5:04pm


I bet she doesn't have children, or if she does they are grown up.

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Thu, 01-22-2009 - 7:30pm

Although I totally support you for sticking to your guns with a screaming kid, I think the better solution is to take the child to the car while they tantrum. Then return when / if they stop. Unless it's an extreme emergency like you're buying meds or something, I think it's unfair to subject everyone in the store to it.

But it was entirely wrong for the cashier to say what they did, and again, I think it's great that you stuck to your rule. I just think out of control kids need to be in a non-public environment unless it's just a moment of crying.


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Thu, 01-22-2009 - 8:20pm

Yes, I'm willing to bet she has no children.

Once in Kmart about

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Fri, 01-23-2009 - 12:29am
perhaps she didn't mean it the way you took it. Perhaps she meant that all that fussing must surely mean there is being pain inflicted, that she understood what the deal was when she asked why you were hurting your kid. I have asked parents and kids in what way they have been so deeply and horribly wronged ( you know, like by not allowing your kid to run in the street and insist that he be in the cart and buckled, you have some how wronged your child, as if that could be possibly wrong in any way) Can
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Fri, 01-23-2009 - 7:59am

I feel a little better this morning. I just wanted to point some things out. We have one car. Since we moved up here my DH has worked from 630-to about 830 at night. So he came home for a break b/c the printer at work wasn't working. So I took him back to work. So therefore, I decided that grocery shopping was important. We needed things. No not meds but things like eggs, bread, and milk. On that note i am not going to go back to the store late at night. So what that some people had to hear him. Get over it.

I also think that if you are going to work in the public you should already know how to talk to people. Heck I worked at a Target for a long time. And not once did I treat someone like that.

I also think that she should be

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Fri, 01-23-2009 - 9:27am

Oh wow....I'm glad you spoke up about this to the cashier supervisor. That was truly uncalled for. When I see a Mom going through something similar, I smile and try to be encouraging to her if we exchange greetings as our carts pass. The Mom will usually apologize, and I'm quick to say, "Oh No...don't apologize..." and then I point to my 10 year old and say, "...he used to do the same. We all go through this.", and I try to add in, "You're doing great." or "Being a Mom is hard, and you're doing a great job."

You'll meet people like that store employee where ever you go. It's not just reserved for parents of very small children either. When my son was around 5 or 6 years old, he had a bad reaction to a Nasonex spray given to him by his pediatrician. It caused his top lip to swell up and literally split down the middle, which looked pretty awful. Even his doctor said a couple of bad words out of sheer shock when he walked into the exam room and saw my son for the first time after the reaction happened. LOL! We had all sorts of creams and medicines we had to use to help it heal, but as with most wounds, it always looks worse before it gets better. Still, we were out in a store, and I wasn't giving his lip much thought at all...he was still my handsome little buddy, and out of no where a lady came over and in a not-so-quiet-voice (able to be heard by others around us), asked my son, "Did your Mom give you that fat lip? Did she punch you in the face?" I spun around and said, "WHAT!?! Have you lost your mind?!?!", but I was near tears after I left the store.

I once saw a Mom in a store with a beautiful little daughter that had a birth mark down the entire side of her face. She had the biggest brown eyes and long lashes, and her hair was so cute with a little bow in it, and a big smile and a cute little giggle...everything was so funny to her. Myself and other shoppers were just loving this little angel...passing her in the aisles and saying silly things to her to make her giggle. Her Mom was doing the same since her daughter had such a cute laugh. I mean, there's nothing cuter than a happy giggling baby, right? :D Well, we got to the register area around the same time as this other Mom, and some nasty bakery employee came over and loudly gasped when she saw this sweet little girl and said, "Oh my Gosh!! What did you do to her face?!?" in an accusatory tone. The Mom was shocked into silence at this, and luckily, another lady standing in line behind this Mom was able to speak up and say, "Nothing is wrong with her. She's the way God made her, and she's beautiful.", to which most everyone else in line spoke up and said things like, "That's right!" and "Amen to that!". It was just uncalled for.

The world would be a better place without these meatheads, but unfortunately, we have to deal with them. :) Just keep telling yourself that being a Mom is a tough job, but it's a rewarding one, and you're doing a GREAT job!

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Fri, 01-23-2009 - 10:02am

I wouldn't call the manager this morning.

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Fri, 01-23-2009 - 10:55am
Good for you!

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Fri, 01-23-2009 - 10:59am

I hate to say it but some people are just absolutely RUDE.

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