Menus--week of 1/25

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Menus--week of 1/25
Sun, 01-25-2009 - 8:59pm
What's for dinner this week?


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Sun, 01-25-2009 - 9:12pm

Mon - throwing something in the crockpot.



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Sun, 01-25-2009 - 9:16pm

This week is already off to a rough start. DH and brother and replacing dishwasher. There were some hiccups so I couldn't cook tonight. Keeo your fingers crossed for me.

Sun-pizza (from store)
Mon-chicken parmesean (my bother is amazing with this stuff)
Wed-italian meatloaf (new recipe-we'll see)
Thurs-chicken pot pie


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Sun, 01-25-2009 - 10:08pm

Just got back from the grocery store, our week will look something like this:

Sun - Lasagna ( with Texas Toast.

Mon - will probably eat out as I have to run baton practice cuz my sister is out of town, won't get home until 8:30.

Tues - turkey kielbasa with corn and white rice.

Wed - chili with steamed veggies

Thurs - pork chops with rice and veggies

Fri - steak with potatoes and veggies

Sat - crock pot roast

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Sun, 01-25-2009 - 10:28pm

Mon--Lentil Loaf, potatoes and broccoli

Tues--Pasta w/salad

Wed--Shepherd's Pie

Thur--Homemade chicken nuggets w/cauliflower and rice

Fri--Pizza night! (Dough's already made, just need to thaw)

Sat--Taco Salad

Sun--Chicken noodle soup (already made; need to reheat)

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Sun, 01-25-2009 - 11:02pm

mon- chicken pot pie

tue cheeseburger mac

wed- venison steaks in slow cooker

thru- garlic chicken

Fri- fish

Sat- bbq's

sun tuscan chicken



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Mon, 01-26-2009 - 7:55am

Last night we had a new crockpot recipe--Chili Casserole along w/grapes & apple slices.

Oodles of Noodles chicken soup, homemade bread, fruit

Impossible Tuna & Cheddar Pie, veggies tbd, cheesy bread (made from leftover homemade bread)

Bean Soup (new crockpot recipe)

Easy Chicken Pot Pie (new recipe)

Pigs-in-a-Blanket (request from ds)

A night of leftovers

Sides tbd depending on what I feel like that night. :-)


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Mon, 01-26-2009 - 8:47am

My menu is updated. Got enough meat loaf for 3 meals from leftovers at work.


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Mon, 01-26-2009 - 9:25am

Sunday--Ravioli and Garlic bread

Monday--Leftovers (chocie of ravioli, spaghetti, vegetable beef soup)

Tuesday--Chicken pot pie

Wednesday--Chicken and black beans over rice

Thursday--Subway or leftovers

Friday--Jambalya and smoked sausage

Saturday--Chicken Noodle Soup


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Mon, 01-26-2009 - 10:21am

Sunday- ham and baked potatoes with steamed peas & carrots

Monday- tamales and desert nachos at Whole Foods cooking class for DS and myself- DH will eat cheese, sausage and crackers-he loves this

Tuesday-grilled cheese and tomato soup with apples

Wednesday-crockpot beef stew and biscuits

Thursday-chicken kiev, couscous, steamed broccoli and cauliflower

Friday- sweet potato soup, salad, rolls

Saturday-tacos made with ground bison, black beans and corn, spanish rice, tomatoes, onions, olives and shredded cheese


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Mon, 01-26-2009 - 11:34am

Well, we are on a Daniel Fast


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