Menus--week of 8/1

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Menus--week of 8/1
Sun, 08-01-2010 - 3:52pm

What's for dinner?

Grilled steak, bbq green beans (crockpot), grilled peaches

Lasagna, eggplant (came w/my produce coop order, never fixed it before!), homemade bread

Tilapia, zucchini, cheesy bread using leftover homemade bread

Meatloaf, mac & cheese

Grilled smoked sausage

Night of leftovers to clean out fridge before going out of town for the weekend

Weekend meals undecided still--easy stuff since we'll be fishing/swimming all day & I won't feel like cooking once we get back. Maybe crockpot?

Other sides tbd depending on what fresh veggies/fruit are left from my coop order.


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Sun, 08-01-2010 - 7:21pm

Sunday -potato pancakes

Monday fend for yourself something quick because we have an outing that evening

Tuesday - something quick because of an outing planned for the evening

Wed- Sat is undecided but we have sausage and pancakes,stuffed shells,

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Mon, 08-02-2010 - 8:42pm
Mon: pasta bake
Tues: shredded beef tacos
Wed: BLT's ( I LOVE homegrown tomatoes!!!)
Thurs: hamburgers
Fri: grilling something, not sure what yet.


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Wed, 08-04-2010 - 12:39am
Sunday Sliced ham scallop potatoes, green beans
Monday breaded fried steak, cheddar mashed potatoes, winter blend veggies.
Tuesday Eggs and sausage on a english muffin with country gravy, hash brown patties, cantalope.
Wednesday Breaded chicken patty sandwich with lettuce and tomato french fries
Thursday Eggplant lasagne, garlic bread.
Friday BLT sandwiches Sides undecided.
Saturday undecided.


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Wed, 08-04-2010 - 9:34am
ITA on the homegrown tomatoes! I've been eating a lot of *T* sandwiches here for breakfast or lunch--whole wheat toast w/little mayo, slice or 2 of tomato, sprinkle of salt. So filling, healthy, cheap & YUMMY!