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Fri, 06-02-2006 - 12:08pm

Not looking for input on actually making the decision, since we've already done that, but more looking to see what others would have done in this situation.

My older girl troop astonishingly sold more than 180 boxes per girl on average for cookie sales this year (I say "astonishingly" because they weren't all that enthusiastic LOL!).

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Sat, 06-03-2006 - 9:52am

When you join a troop, you join for a year. If the member who quit earned a badge at her last meeting and didn't receive it, she would be entitled to get it if she came back in the fall. So I would say invite her, and if she lacks maturity, she won't come. If she comes, she may work through whatever caused the problem, or at least be motivated to work thru it.

As for the girl who didn't sell, that is trickier. I'd say it depends on how the invitation was issued. If it was for every girl who sold over 180, I'd say no, but if it was for the troop whose average was 180, then yes. We received those cell phone do-hickeys based on the average sale and even though I didn't want DeeDee to have one, she does, because the troop earned it. OK, DeeDee did earn it, but there were at least 3 who didn't.

As far as the average awards go, it you have two girls in Scouts, you are splitting the family sales and it is harder for those girls to reach goals. The average award helps those girls out.

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Sat, 06-03-2006 - 1:54pm
My answer would have been the same.
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Mon, 06-05-2006 - 12:27pm

My question regarding the girl who sold no cookies - did she sign up to sell cookies and then didn't, or did she not even turn in the permission slip? If she did sign it then she probably is entitled to go, but if she wasn't going to participate at all why should be invited?

After all, you don't get to do the other activities coming from the cookie money either if you don't sell any cookies.

That's just my opinion.

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Sun, 06-11-2006 - 5:12pm

"you don't get to do the other activities coming from the cookie money either if you don't sell any cookies."

Actually this kind of accounting is not allowed in Girl Scout troops. The girls are not raising money for themself, but for the entire troop. If girl A sells 5 boxes and girl B sells 500, they BOTH get to go on the field trip. SEe your Safety Wise for details.

IMHO the council opted to make the reward based on the average number of boxes sold per girl and their troop did just that. Everyone should attend.


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Thu, 07-06-2006 - 3:31pm

Chiming in a bit late...

I agree with the depends on the way the invitation reads.

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