4th of July plans?

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4th of July plans?
Thu, 06-29-2006 - 5:21pm

What's going on for the weekend/4th of July?

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Thu, 06-29-2006 - 5:46pm

Have a fun weekend!


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Thu, 06-29-2006 - 7:09pm

We usually get to watch fireworks in the neighborhood as they're usually being shot all around us, but this year we are in "extreme drought" (on the news, they showed 4 bands, the lightest being unusually dry and the heaviest being extreme drought...driest Jan to June on record--at least 75 years, and basically all the areas that were affected by Katrina). We are on burn ban, and I'm thinking we'll probably be on fireworks ban, too.

I don't know if the closest display will be allowed to have them either.

Otherwise, we are planning to stay home and probably do some BBQ. Maybe go to a local celebration. Don't know if they are doing the parade in town this year...they didn't last year, but had the 2 prior years. Guess it just wasn't as big as Mardi Gras & Christmas.