how does this sound so far?

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how does this sound so far?
Fri, 06-30-2006 - 10:35pm

Me and two other "friends" leaders are planing the S.U. camping weekend. We have decided on doing a Theme for the first time. We are using uh.Story Characters like Disney stuff
as the Theme. what we have so far is
Pocahantas Canoeing. We will have the story of that area for the Leaders to read to the girls at some point * if they choose to*
RobinHoods Archery
Rapunzel Arts and Crafts they will make a yarn doll AND decorate a Troop Flag
Rupestilskin climbing. Mini ropes course
HuckFins Fishing
we will also have swimming but haven't named it yet.
Each troop will have a story book that the girls have to make a skit up for campfire Saturday night.
How does this sound? We are hoping to be able to have this over Labor day weekend. So that IF the troops choose to they can stay until Monday. Sunday will be a relaxed day with the Troops responsible for their own activitys. We will have the lifeguard still but the others that require a trained person will be gone. * canoeing and archery*
For campfire one girl representing their Troop will march in behind a Flag patrol and place their Flags at the back of the stage.
So how does this sound so far? Any tips for us? It is the first time for the other two. I have helped plan one a few yrs ago.. Not that I did much....


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Sat, 07-01-2006 - 8:53am

Sounds very cool so far.

Swimming could be Ariel's Lagoon (from Little Mermaid).

You might want to rethink climbing to be Jack and the Bean Stalk.

Since you are on a story book theme - you might want to try making camp journal books for each girl to record her experiences. You could premake a page for each area that they will visit. I just got done with day camp, and believe it or not several of the girls indicated that the journal was one of their favorite activities at camp. I was sort of surprised at that, but....

Could you theme the menus too - - like the schools sometimes do on Halloween and other holidays? Normal food, but call it different things?

If you are doing name tags, each group could be themed with a particular character on the name tags. You could also rename your camp units - - The Seven Dwarf's cottage for a lodge/cabin unit, for example.

Get a big Disney poster or cardboard cutouts and a Poloroid camera and take each girl's picture with a character.

Sounds like you will have lots of fun!

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Sat, 07-01-2006 - 4:15pm

i like jack.. I don't know why that book never occured to us..doh'
The journal is a good idea. I will toss that out to the others and see what they say.
The camp is a old very seldom used camp, so it doesn't have the equiptment to do cooking. Each troop is responsible for their own meals.
we are renaming each camp unit. That is the skit they have to do also.
No name tags. It is usually the same ones that go every yr so we all know each other and the girls.
The poster is a good idea. If we can find anything... My son has little dinousars in his room... ya know.. Little Foot, etc... Can't remember the name of the Cartoon now..
Might be able to convince him to hand over those.But I would feel bad if something happened to them. He has had them since he was 4 and he is almost 13...
Thanks for the Ideas!


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Mon, 07-03-2006 - 9:18am

I wonder if any of the video rental places or movie theatres would have something?

Even if they had some old freestanding cutouts from other movies, you may be able to change them.

You could take a big mirror and make 'frame' out of cardboard for the outside edge and get pictures of the girls looking into 'Mirror Mirror, on the wall' Of course, that would require a mom to take photographs and then going out to get them developed / printed.

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Wed, 07-05-2006 - 9:27am
No ideas to offer, but it does sound like a lot of fun!