Camp was AWESOME!

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Camp was AWESOME!
Fri, 07-07-2006 - 6:16pm

Picked DD9 up at camp this afternoon. She was really glad to see me but didn't report any homesickness. She was only disappointed when I didn't show up for the horse show at 3PM. What horse show? Turns out they were not originally scheduled to do a show, but their group was so small and got in so much riding time that they joined the one week unit girls for their show. Since there were only 5 girls in their group, ya think they coulda called us?

Once I got over that; she learned a gazillion new songs, swam, did crafts, had a great time, didn't become too attached to her counselors, and learned a lot of new horse skills. I assured her a friend will help her finish her badge. They were fairly isolated from the rest of camp, they only ate in the dining hall once! but she didn't seem to care. Her buddy threw up a few times this AM but stayed for the rest of the day---so I'm praying DD didn't get a bug.

I'm totally, insanely jealous. No camp for me this summer, except for the trips I plan myself, and that means I do all the work.


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Sat, 07-08-2006 - 11:11am

Glad she had such a great time!