Question for Jr. Girl scout leaders

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Question for Jr. Girl scout leaders
Tue, 08-22-2006 - 2:15pm

Hi I have been on here before but mostly just sneak in to read posts. Anyway this is our troops first year for Jr. girl scouts and I am not sure what to expect. I know it is different then Brownies but how much different. What do you have to do or do you do that makes it different. I and the other leader are meeting Thursday to discuss this years meetings and I am not sure what to even suggest. Any ideas or just an explanation of what is to be expected would be great. Thanks.


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Tue, 08-22-2006 - 9:19pm

My first suggestion would be to take your Junior level training from your council.


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Wed, 08-23-2006 - 9:31am

Totally agree with everything she said!