New leader looking for words of wisdom

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New leader looking for words of wisdom
Mon, 09-11-2006 - 6:47pm
I am a new Girl Guide leader. Our unit will have its first meeting Wednesday night. Does anyone know of some good getting to know you games?
Any suggestions for some cool things we could do thru out the year?
We are going camping of course 3 times. We are going to a football game this Saturday and then spending the night in the stadium. In the morning the football players will make us breakfast and then the girls will go with either the players or the cheerleaders to learn some moves. We are having a district Hallowe'en party etc. But i am looking for ideas on what we can do week to week.
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Tue, 09-12-2006 - 7:35am

I don't know how Girl Guides vary from Girl Scouts.

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Sun, 10-01-2006 - 5:39pm

I am a Girl Scout leader, so that may be a bit different from Guiding, but I am sure the goals and activities are similar.
I have 24 girls in my troop this year, all in 1st grade. The girls are big on learning how things are made/done. So our theme for the year is "discovery". We will:
-go to the newspaper place to see how newspapers are made and get a special edition printed (they change the main article to be one about the girls, photo and all)
-go to a pizza hut and the girls get to make their own mini pizzas and then have a pizza party
-go to a honey factory and the girls can see it spun and then bottled- of course they can take a bottle home, too
-have a special visitor to a meeting (the owner of a scrapbook store) to guide the girls in making a mini album (6 inches square) and we will fill it with photos through the year, it won't take many, they will make maybe 6 pages)
-work on badges- this is their first year as Brownies, they have 3 years to earn the TryIts and there are more than 30!) the girls picked 8 that they would like to earn, we will likely get about 6 of them done.
-our Girl Scout Council covers half our state. It is broken into Neighborhoods of maybe 6 schools. We are getting together with 14 other troops in the neighborhood for a Holiday party. Each troop will donate supplies and instructions to make an ornament and we will get 15 artificial trees donated. The girls will go from station to station to make an ornament and at the end of the night they will get to pick one that they made to take home. The rest will be donated with the trees to 3 local organizations that help needy families so they can distribute them to families that would not have Christmas trees otherwise. We will also have hot cocoa, holiday songs, and cookies for the girls. It will be our big event for the winter.
-I am working on getting other leaders on board to do a Science Discovery party in the end of the school year (we do two neighborhood activities a year- one winter, one almost-summer). The girls could do science experiments and learn about women scientists, etc. Then we could have some science majors from a local college come in to do some neat demonstrations- things changing colors and all that. One they do is put a flower in some liquid and then shatter it- it is cool.

So- I know it seems a lot, but my goal this year was to have the community do half my meetings for me. Every month we will have a troop meeting to work on badges and plan events and that, then one meeting a month out in the community doing all the visits described above. Last year I did it all myself and had a lot to plan.

What age are your girls? Maybe on World Thinking Day we could exchange a troop photo and a page of questions asked by the other group (what do you do for fun, what do you love to eat, etc.) That way the girls could "know" another troop/group from far away. (Are you called a troop?)

Anyway, good luck with planning- I have lots cause I think about it a lot and I had last year to see what my troop liked. When my next daughter is old enough, I may have to change all the plans- it depends on what each particular group of girls needs and wants to do!