Troop Banner Ideas NEEDED!!!

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Troop Banner Ideas NEEDED!!!
Wed, 09-27-2006 - 12:04pm
Does anyone have an idea for an easy troop banner? We have 2nd grade Brownies and every year we make a banner. Last year we cut triangles out of craft foam and let each girl decorate her own "Try-It" and put her name on it, then we glued it to a big piece of felt. It was really cute! But this year my co-leader and I are blank! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
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Wed, 09-27-2006 - 2:23pm

Last year we traced each 1st grade Brownie's handprint onto felt and had them write their name on it in permanent ink, then parent volunteers cut out the handprints and we glued them onto a Felt banner that said Brownie Troop 14, and had GSBLC at the bottom for our council name. The handprints were bright multi-colors, the banner dark blue, the letters Gold, and in the center we had a felt cut-out I made of the WAGGGS pin symbol (also gold of course). A little bit of time involved (with the cutting, but with parent help for the handprints part).


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Sun, 10-08-2006 - 4:22pm

We found a coloring page w/ a shape of a girls head (facing sideways with a ponytail) we traced the shaped onto colored felt and put their names on them and sewed them on.


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