21 girls...Too much???

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21 girls...Too much???
Fri, 10-20-2006 - 8:06pm

This is my 5th year as a leader. We have had most ALL of the same girls since Kindergarten/1st grade. We started with 5 and last year were a whopping 18! We lost 2 girls at the end of last year and now we are up to 21! Problem is that we have 10 Brownies and 11 Juniors. One of my DD's is a Junior and the other

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Sat, 10-21-2006 - 9:36am
That is a lot of girls--especially considering they're two different levels.
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Sat, 10-21-2006 - 3:34pm

I think everyone has to figure out their own maximum number. Mine is 14, but some leaders can't do more than 10 and some love 24.

I think it also has to do with how much support you get from the parents. Last year, we politely asked for parents to volunteer for things and didn't get much response. We had 14 girls and I thought I was going to have a break-down in January! I helped plan meetings, was cookie manager, got everything together for Thinking Day and tried to send out a weekly newsletter. Agh!

This year, we required that each scout have at least one parent sign up for a committee and it has been a joy. I actually look forward to meetings and am excited about all the things we have coming up. We technically have 14, but in reality it's more like 22. There is a new troop meeting when we do and we have combined activites most weeks until they are up and running.

I don't think that really answered your question, but I would think with 21 you would need at least 2 assistant leaders and very active parents. I would break them in two groups and maybe get an assistant leader to go with the older girls (since they should be able to plan and execute most of thier activities with a little help and guidance).


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Sun, 10-22-2006 - 2:30pm

I think if you have enough help to seperate them go for it...
Is there a way to hold the meetings in seperate rooms so that you can still meet on the same night?


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Thu, 11-02-2006 - 7:23am
Why not split them up into smaller troops (find new leaders among the moms) and agree to plan a monthly or quarterly event that gets them ALL together?

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Sun, 11-05-2006 - 3:06pm

I have a blended troop as well but smaller with 7 brownies and 7 juniors. We have 3 sibling and a cousin group. We meet at the same time but we break up. My co-leader focuses on the brownies and myself the juniors. We meet at the school so one will take the room and the other the outside tables depending on what we are doing. We have parent helpers