Problem with new co-leader (Girl scouts)

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Problem with new co-leader (Girl scouts)
Sun, 10-22-2006 - 1:41am

I'm a co-leader for my daughter's girl scout troop. The leader and I get along great and this is our 2nd year leading the troop. This year we got a lot of new girls and I was unable to make our first couple meetings due to training at work that I couldn't get out of. There is this one abrasive parent that has rubbed me the wrong way just in the few short moments I talked to her...and my fiance has the same feelings for this woman...She's pushy and makes rude comments and ugh.

Anyway, I came in right after the last meeting I couldn't make ended and my leader told me that she just signed this lady up as another co-leader. It hurt me that she didn't even ask my opinion on it and just did it...I was especially upset knowing how much I dislike this woman...but the leader didn't know that. I considered stepping down but decided I would give this woman a chance before bailing. I gave her a chance and realized she's worse then what I thought!!

Now the leader realized what a mistake she has made and doesn't know how to get out of it. The woman has some great ideas for crafts etc but is over the top and pretty much tries to take over the troop. The leader has told her not to do certain things she suggests and then she goes and does them anyway. She seems to think that we need to make all our girls buy the brownie books ($20) and have them work on the try-its on their own from home...the leader and I are against this. We have bi-weekly meetings and this lady is pushing for weekly and the leader's husband said no way where we having weekly meetings. The new co gets all huffy if we don't like her ideas and she tries to boss us around...I don't like her and I don't care what she thinks of me so I just stand firm and stick to what I think and probably come off just as rude as her (but I don't do anything that would could be preceived wrong by the girls) and she's the only person I'm this way with and I think it's because she acts like she's Queen and everything needs to go her way and we're her servants and that doesn't fly with me. We took our girls on their first outing for the year today and that lady was telling the girls what to do like she was the leader, making decisions for the troop to the people running the event, like it's her troop and her decisions to make. This was a halloween event that had a haunted house and she was walking through it with a girl that got scared and what does the co do? Screams at every little thing and every corner, like that's something you should do to a scared child!! And another part of the event, they were turning lights out and she was loudly complaining about how stupid it was and how she didn't understand it...over and over and over again and when the girls screamed she starts yelling at them not to scream!! It was a halloween thing, it was supposed to be fun and I just wanted to yell that it was ok for them to scream but didn't want to "start" anything!!

The leader and the new co-leader went to the Brownie training this morning before our event and the leader told me that she came home crying to her husband because she doesn't know what to do since she doesn't like having this new co-leader and she doesn't want to make her angry but has realized her way of doing things and our way are totally different.

I am pretty much staying out of this since I didn't create this monster and I do beleive it's the leader's mess so she needs to fix it. I did tell her that she will probably have to pull her aside and say something to her and she knows that and apologized to me today for signing her up. But does anyone have any suggestions for how my leader should handle this?

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Sun, 10-22-2006 - 11:33am

Your leader & you should first get to know the rest of the parents & find another co-leader (together, since your both have to work with them).


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Sun, 10-22-2006 - 2:12pm

I like scoutnut's ideas.