Leader's DD and Badges

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Leader's DD and Badges
Mon, 10-23-2006 - 11:14am

Good Morning!

Just curious -- how do you handle it if your dd earns a lot more badges than the other girls?

My dd went to most of the day camps this past summer and also attends "Badge Blitzes" and classes at our council office. (I try to give her the opportunity to do scout things without me there all the time.) As a result, her vest is almost full and she only has another 12 or so Try-Its to earn before the end of the year. Her day camp handled bdges a little differently this year -- they didn't focus on earning a whole badge necessarily. So there were quite a few where she had completed 2 or 3 of the requirements at camp and just needed to do a little more at home to earn them.

We have an awards ceremony on Tuesday and she's earned 7 badges plus the 'God and Me' religious award. Most of the other girls have earned between 1 - 4, all badges we worked on together as a troop. She only has two more requirements to fulfill for the 'Careers' badge and wants to finish it tonight. I'm sort of worried how it will look if she has a huge stack of Try-Its and the other girls don't. In the past, I've just sewn the badge to her vest when she completes it and don't wait for the awards ceremony.

This is one of those grey areas that pop up for me occassionally. If another girl had earned a bunch of Try-Its on her own, I'd make a big deal out of it and it really wouldn't be an issue. But since it is my own daughter I feel uncomfortable calling attention to the fact -- which probably isn't fair to her either.

What should I do? I've sent a link to a website that has all the Try-Its and requirements listed and we repeatedly tell parents they are welcome to work on things at home.

My one guilty confession is that I tend to plan to do badges in our meetings that dd has not done yet. I know that if she hasn't done them, then the other girls haven't either. But we also go to council events and museum overnights where she has already earned the badge in question. I guess my point is that we don't NOT participate in things just because she already has the Try-It or there isn't a badge involved. Girl Scouts is her one main activity and I let her sign up for all the extra classes, overnights and fun days that she wants to attend.


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Mon, 10-23-2006 - 11:30am

You could focus your little talk on what your troop has earned and what you did for that, then mention that a few girls were able to go to camp or whatever events and that you hope more girls will be available for those things in the future because everyone has so much fun, then hand out a stack of badges to each without listing the badges individually. Parents have to understand that you made the commitment to be Girl Scout Leader and therefore, you need to be at the events for their girls safety and of course you daughter will have more things. You've made available the opportunity for others to earn and they haven't. They shouldn't complain to you and you shouldn't discourage your daughter. It's just the way it is and many leaders are in the same position and have the same confession as you. Just continue to provide opportunities for all girls and be proud of your own and enjoy scouts yourself.


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Mon, 10-23-2006 - 2:34pm

I had this same issue with my oldest DD when she was a Brownie and a Junior.

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Mon, 10-23-2006 - 6:17pm

No, we don't put badges up for a vote.

My co-leader and I meet several times over the summer to get our programming nailed down for the upcoming year. Then we divide it up and start gathering supplies, creating lesson plans, lining up special guests, etc. Summer is our down time and we try to make the most of it!

We let the girls vote on service projects, field trips, camping trips (where we go, what we do, what we eat) and other things. We tried voting on the badges but it didn't work well for us.

When they move to Juniors, they will start helping with programming as well as the other fun things.


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Tue, 10-24-2006 - 9:18pm

We never voted on patches either. The registered parents would take turns presenting a lesson that revolved around a patch. Sometimes, it was one that their child had already done and had made the materials for (like My Body....we had already made the wheel, so when I presented that one, Aly had already met all the requirements), and sometimes it was one that the parent wanted for her child and let everyone help out with it so they can earn it, too (we did People of the World like this).