Money Issues (GIRL SCOUTS) Please Help!!

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Money Issues (GIRL SCOUTS) Please Help!!
Sat, 08-22-2009 - 5:03pm

Hi Everyone. I am going into my 8th year as a leader. Started with my oldest daughters troop when she was a Daisy and in Kindergarten, she is now going into 7th grade and in her 2nd year as Cadettes.

My 10 year old daughter was part of that same troop as were other girls. But then we had to split off. We seperated ALL by age level because we thought it would be easier. So last year, in HEr first year of Juniors, I teamed up with another mom. We had not been able to lead together in the past, but we figured it would be easier now with only ONE age level. She is fairly new to scouts, having 4 years vs my 8 years exp.

Anyways, some things happened last year and my own daughter was saying she did not want to be in her troop because she was mean. We had 9 girls and of those 9, FOUR have quit.

I found another troop for my daughter, which I will not be co-lead or leader of. I asked my old co-leader about the funds for my daughter and another girl moving into this new troop.

HERE IS MY MONEY QUESTION: When girls move to a new troop, aren't they entitled to take a portion of funds to their new troop? It was my understanding that we are supposed to do this. So there is over 300.00 in this troop account. For the sake of easy math we sill say there are 10 girls. It is my understanding that we divide those funds evenly and the girls who are departing, take that share into their NEW troop.

I emailed my old co-leader and told her that I wanted to get the funds moved when school started and she told me that in SAFETY WISE it says that the GIRLS in the TROOP deicde HOW MUCH they will send over with the girls who are leaving. So I asked for the pages in safetywise and it said NO SUCH THING. It did say that girls are involved in the money making process etc. But I dont think it's fair to involve 10 year old girls in deciding how much money goes where for what. THis is a LEADER/COUNCIL thing is it not??

HELP!!! If my daughter hadn't worked so hard on cookie and fall sales, I probably would let it go, but it's the principal of the thing and bringing in 2 new girls to a troop that has no funds left.

Thanks so much

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Sat, 08-22-2009 - 7:37pm

I'm not sure that each girl leaving is entitled to an equal percentage of the troop funds. At the cadette level, it is something that the girls should have a discussion about and a say in. But at the very least, they should be entitled to the $12 reregistration fee for this school year and probably 10 that we are advised to keep as the start-up for the following year. I'd bet they don't get more than that unless they were saving for a specific trip or activity and detailed records were kept for each girl, and that girl was still planning to attend that specific trip.

I know that there's ladies here who are more knowledgeable than me, so I hope they chime in too.


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Sat, 08-22-2009 - 9:44pm

In this specific situation, I do not believe they are entitled to anything.

What you are describing is what happens when a troop "folds" or "closes" and all the girls are dispersing to other troops.

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Sun, 08-23-2009 - 7:47pm

The money that is earned thru money earning activities/programs, is NOT earned for the individual girl. It is earned by the Troop, for the Troop. So, NO, no matter how many cookies your daughter sold, she is not "entitled" to any of it.

The only way that girls who transfer to new Troops would be able to take ANY money with them is if the TROOP had decided on a policy. Yes, 10+ year old girls are quite capable of deciding what to do with the money in THEIR Troop. That is, after all, part of what they are learning.


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Mon, 08-24-2009 - 10:00am

These are not Cadettes, they are first year juniors. I also have a cadette troop. Don't know if that was misunderstood in my post.

Maybe each council is different. But we are leaving the troop because the leader has been, in my opinion (And the 4 girls leaving) mean, rude, verbally abusive. To leave my daughter in her troop and for me to co-lead with her anymore would be poor judgement. Unfortunately I have reported her to the old SUM, but again, unfortunately, she has stepped up to be the new SUM when no one else was.

This is why we are leaving the troop. Its not like we are jumping around troops just because. I have been told, that when girls leave a troop for whatever reason, within council, they are entitled to transfer a portion of the funds over to the new troop. I am NOT asking for the money to go into a personal account for crying out loud, just to spare a burden on the new troop.

Personally this group of 9/10 year old girls I don't think are capable of making this kind of decision (without guidance)

I will call council today to see how it works.

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Mon, 08-24-2009 - 1:23pm

I think talking to your council for their policy is the best idea.

I don't think the posters who suggested that you should not be able to transfer any money at all thought that you were doing it (changing troops) for any frivolous reason. That is their understanding of how gs troop funds work.

I've been wondering about his myself, we are taking in a girl from another troop this year, whose troop disbanded & I have not looked into how that works.

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Sat, 08-29-2009 - 1:38pm

First of all, if you are leaving a troop because the leader is that inappropriate, you MUST call your council office to notify them.

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Sat, 08-29-2009 - 7:40pm

I dont get to post here often but wanted to throw in my .02 cents since I just went thru this very same thing. I live in New Jersey and my 15yo DD has been in the same troop since she was 6. We've had problem after problem with the leader, everywhere

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Mon, 08-31-2009 - 4:21pm

I don't think so. Troop money is troop money, not girl money. Now it might be nice if that troop wants to donate to her new troop, but since it is her decision to move, then she loses out on what she earned for the other troop. I could see if one troop split into two, then they would split the money, but otherwise, I don't think she is entitled to anything.

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Mon, 09-14-2009 - 3:24pm

Wow, lots of opinions here.....

Anyways, my daughter started with her new troop and an interesting bit of information I found out... Here is the situation.

The Troop that my daughter is in NOW (her new troop) is the troop she was formerly a part of when she was in 3rd grade. When the girls started school the following year, it wasn't working as far as scheduling and having Juniors and Brownies together. So we started a new troop (the co-leader I just left) because she had one Junior. Her daughter was in my troop. Apparently, this co-leader (the one who did not want ti give money to the new troop) asked for money from the other girls troop when we started up a new troop. Don't know if that is making sense. But basically she had sent me an email stating that the girls decided on $20.00 for each girl plus registration (I had already paid my daughters registration out of pocket, which I have always done) she said "its the same amount I got from "E" when the girls came in to troop ###" So here she asked for a share of money, and then denied it back. Just makes things sound more interesting.

Anyways, I am SO glad my daughter LOVES her new troop She is SO happy! I am happy. It's all worked out for the better :-)

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Tue, 09-15-2009 - 10:43am
I'm glad to hear your daughter is happy with the new troop:)

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