Son is and possiably dd is

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Son is and possiably dd is
Sun, 04-08-2007 - 11:19pm
going to join 4-H..
I got the paperwork/information from our local branch. It left me confused as how to
actually get started though. My son wants to raise rabbits. But, told him he would have to wait until we get into the program and see how things go before we take on that large task.. He wants to do the photography and acting * forgot actual name*. Who would i contact on that?
DD is 'thinking' about it. Unsure on her though She has her dance classes and Girl Scouts. Son wants to quit Boy Scouts and IF 4-H goes good we may let him. He is hating boy scouts........
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Mon, 04-09-2007 - 1:54pm
Good luck!