Bacterial gastroenteritis

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Bacterial gastroenteritis
Thu, 08-07-2003 - 11:25am
Hi y'all. I'm new here and I think I have semi-chronic (is that a word?) bacterial gastroenteritis. My first occurance was about 6 months ago and it came back a week ago today. I've experienced "the runs", and the opposite. My stomach is super sensitive right now. I'm trying to do the bland diet b/c I can't tolerate anything spicy, fried, too rich or too sweet. Based on those symptoms and the ones I had before and my family history of digestive problems (my brother also has this and my dad has colon problems) I've determined this is what I have. Does anybody have any suggestions for me. Going to the doctor is out of the question, so don't even suggest it, please. I've started doing the bland diet but it's getting really old really quick.

Any help would be appreciated.