Is this gallbladder or something else???

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Is this gallbladder or something else???
Tue, 10-13-2009 - 7:19pm
I am a 35 yr old healthy female have been having stomach issues for some time now. The pain has been off and on for the last couple of of years but much worse and more frequent over the last six months. I would describe the pain as "colicky" and is sometimes located in upper middle abdomen (right below breast bone) or under my right rib cage. It happens almost always after meals or if I drink juice or soda. It was so severe that woke me from sleep about a week in a half ago and I almost went to ER. About an hour later it did subside and I was able to go back to sleep. When I have this pain I often feel nauseated as well but never vomit. I finally discussed it with my dr and he has ordered an ultrasound on gall bladder. For those of you who have had gall bladder problems is this what it sounds like or could it be something else such as an ulcer etc... Can gallbladder problems be hereditary? Any input would be very much appreciated.......
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Wed, 10-14-2009 - 12:19am

Hi there, littlered, and welcome to the board.

I would say that your symptoms are pretty classic gall-bladder symptoms, although it is always possible that it could be something else. Hopefully the test your doctor has requested will give you a definitive answer.

Gall bladder problems are most common in women, those over 40, and overweight people, but can really happen to anyone. It does seem that there is some family tendency.

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