If I didn't have to eat.....

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If I didn't have to eat.....
Fri, 10-30-2009 - 12:18am

 I sure would feel better.  I have Celiac's so I'm gluten free, I have gastritis-which seems to be flaring right now, gastroparesis-so low fiber, low fat, soft foods when that is a problem. 

The thing is I never know how what I eat is going to affect my stomach. I can eat something and feel fine, I can eat the exact same thing some other time and feel miserable.

I'm getting tired of worrying about and thinking about food-what I can and can not eat and where is the nearest bathroom just in case.

Thanks for letting a lurker vent.


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Sun, 11-01-2009 - 1:55am
Huge hugs to you Dana! That must be really frustrating for you. You can vent here any time you want!

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Mon, 11-02-2009 - 4:02pm
That is the same way I feel, I have IBS. I hate food.
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Wed, 11-04-2009 - 9:40am
Hello, I had an abnormal gastric emptying scan, after 90 minutes, my stomach only emptied 30% contents instead of the normal 50%. I am still confused as to why you can't have high fiber food? Why can't people with gp have high fiber food?
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Sun, 01-31-2010 - 6:49pm
Sounds like you might have too much fiber in your diet. Fiber regulates stool and may be slowing down peristaltic waves in your digestive track - what did the DR say to you? O Dr did they want you to see a dietitian? The whole story needs to be told.
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Mon, 02-01-2010 - 12:02pm
I also have Celiac Disease. I am better now since I am following the gluten-free diet. I was going a LOT, but now I'm doing better. Do you take any suplements? I have to take Calcitriol(D3) and I have to take D and Calcium. I take those Viactiv chews. Calcium is good for you and it will bind you a bit if you are going to the bathroom too often.