Scared and confused

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Scared and confused
Tue, 01-05-2010 - 10:53am

Hello to all!

I have been having issues for a couple months now and do not know where else to turn. I have had a pain in my lower left side for a couple months. At first I thought it was from an exercise at the gym, however as of about a month ago it has been accompanied by nausea, fatigue, indigestion, and on and off again constipation and diarreha. Sometimes I feel full, like my stomach is pressing into my chest. I am starting to have heartburn, which I have never had in the past.

 I had a pelvic ultra sound in September before the pain started and it was normal. I went to my GP for all of this and she gave me a blood test which she said was normal and also gave me antibiotics for treatment of diverticulitis. I have been diagnosed with diverticulosis, so thought it was a flare up. However, the antibiotics did not help, so she has sent me back to my obgyn and a gastro/endo doctor. She does not think it is diverticulitis. She said maybe a ovarian cyst.

I saw my gyno today and he does not think it is obgyn related. However, I do, as I have had cysts removed on my left ovary before. I had my right ovary removed because of cysts. He scheduled another ultra sound, but I have a huge deductable and am fearing this will just be a waste of $.

I am seeing the gastro doctor next week. I am scared of these doctors as I have heard about all the horrible tests one may have to endure.

I had some of these same symptoms a few times in the past. Every time the ultra sound is normal. I also have had 2-3 cat scans in the past and they have been normal too.

Does anyone else have any type of these issues or symptoms? I want an answer so bad as I am worrying myslef to death. I cannot sleep. Could all this be hormonal? I am 49 and have started perimenopause about 2 years ago, but thought the worst was over.

Thanks for listening and any advice or help would be VERY appreciative.

Have a good day~Pam


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Tue, 01-05-2010 - 1:46pm

Pam, please try not to be frightened of the GI doctors. The doctors should take a detailed history of the problem including any tests you have already had, give you a general physical exam and then determine what is to be done next. The "horrible tests" you have heard of may be a bit unpleasant, but really are not all that bad. Your doctor will explain them all ahead of time.

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Tue, 01-05-2010 - 5:00pm
I agree! Because of my diagnosis of Celiac disease, and my recent hospitalizations, I had 2 colonoscopies in 2009. One in Feb, and the other in early December. I prefer the "golitely" over what I was given in Feb. The February mixture was powder