DH just had colon resection--advice??

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DH just had colon resection--advice??
Mon, 02-22-2010 - 9:38pm

Hello All!

I myself do not suffer from a gut issue, but I wanted to ask some advice.  My DH, age 41, was diagnosed January 6 of this year with diverticulitis and since then has been in the hospital 3 times.  He had an abscess on his colon (that was the first hospital stay and how the docs figured out he had diverticulitis at all), came home with a drain in it, and the day after they removed the drain the infection flared again and he was back in.  Two weeks later, back in again, this time with a fistula.  On Friday he had a colon resection.  They removed 12 inches of colon and were able to reconnect, so no colostomy.  What I want to know from all of you is what to expect when he comes home, both in the immediate future and over the longer term.  I never heard the word "diverticulitis" before January, so I am very blindsided by all of this.  DH is 41, which seems really young to have such a severe case, but what do I know?!?!  Also, we are vegetarians--so what's the deal?!?  Everything I have read leans towards diverticulits being caused by crummy over-processed bad food.  That is SO not how we eat. The solution seems to be a high fiber diet (when everything heals, I know).  The kicker is we eat that way already!!  How much higher fiber can I get????

But I digress..what can I do to arrange our lives around this?  What else should I know about this gut thing???

thanks in advance--


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Tue, 02-23-2010 - 12:38am

It is certainly frustrating to feel like you are doing everything right and then get blind-sided by something like this. Just remember that diverticulae don't develop overnight, so the problem could have begun years ago. Many people have no symptoms and the diverticulae are discovered on routine colonoscopy.

Here is information from iVillage Total Health on diverticulitis http://yourtotalhealth.ivillage.com/diverticulitis.html