Icky, Odd Feeling: Stomach/Back Pain

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Icky, Odd Feeling: Stomach/Back Pain
Wed, 05-19-2010 - 2:13pm

Last week I had my annual gyno/pelvic exam. A couple days after, I felt achy/crampy, a few times needed to lay down, then would have a bowel movement and felt a bit better. I also had a minor headache. Generally I just didn't feel myself and for lack of a clinical term, felt 'icky.'

Now it's a week later, I still feel not quite right. I'm having frequent bowel movements (they are bloody from an ongoing internal hemorrhoids), not diarrhea or constipation. My stomach is upset and my lower back is sore but I've not vomited nor do I feel nauseous.

I spoke to the nurse at the gyno office and she doesn't believe it's related to anything gynecological or pregnancy based on these symptoms and my cycle, which was my first thought.

Anyone have any ideas - I've exhausted Google in trying to find out what it could be. Unfortunately I'm traveling for work so I can't deal with this as easily as I'd like. My husband believes it may just be stress.

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Thu, 05-20-2010 - 7:29am

Sorry! I tried to reply to you yesterday, but for some reason I could not log in.

Anyway, I am sorry to hear you are feeling so icky, especially when you are away from home. That always makes it so much worse.

I am wondering if this could be some sort of gastroenteritis -- virus, food poisoning -- although it is more common to have nausea and vomiting also with that.

When will you be going back home? I think you should get checked by a doctor if you are not feeling better in a few days.