gallstones and the liver

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gallstones and the liver
Fri, 07-23-2010 - 12:51pm

another problem....was told i have gallstones..and now my blood test came back abnormal..for the liver... doc pcp says maybe the gallstones is pressing the liver or there is fat in my liver.when leads me to take a mri to see whats going on..took it monday and still have not  got the results as of yet..was taking nexium 40mg.. for barretts esophagus..wonders if this have something to do with the change in my much going on..please if any one have any answers i will be so greatful

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Fri, 07-23-2010 - 2:12pm

I have been dealing with gallbladder issues for over 2 years... now am scheduled to have it removed in August.

I get regular blood work due to other health issues... for several months my liver counts were changing... I was very concerned with it but my doctors weren't... until my bile (bilirubin & liver counts) levels were finally tested & they were climbing higher & higher...

Eventually my sugars were impaired too... now I'm thinking I have diabetes... which I'm high risk of b/c of meds I'm on...

I was feeling really sick... exhausted... more than usual... then I started getting itchy... it got worse & worse until I couldn't stand it anymore...

so eventually I got an ERCP... tube down throat etc... some little stones & sludge... doc cleaned it up & after a few days I started to feel much better... my liver counts are normal again.

I was sternly warned... AGAIN... to have my gallbladder removed before things got even worse... if infection sets in... trouble...

Hopefully my experience will help you... keep us posted...