My amazingly intense water homebirth

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My amazingly intense water homebirth
Fri, 11-24-2006 - 3:28pm

SUCCESS!!  woohoo... it was a sucess and suprisingly I did not worry about it being at home for even one second!!

The stats.

baby girl... unamed STILL
born November 22 aT 615 AM

9 pounds 4 ounces
21 3/4 inches long
14.5 inch head
14 inch chest

My water breaking woke me from a dead sleep.  Contractions started about 10 minutes later....  My 2 year old had the stomach flu that had ended at 10pm the night before... I had promised her that she could nurse in the morning if she did not puke in the night... ugh, so I laid with her for those 10 minutes nursing her to fullfil my end of the bargin.

Here is the nuts and bolts...

water broke at 405 am

sporatic contractions started 10 minutes later

hard full blow every 1-3 minute contractions started at 430

called the midwives at 445

midwives arrived at 520 am

i was checked at 535 and was 4.5 cms

Contractions then went right on top of each other with no break

baby was born into my loving arms at 615 am after 2 pushes

It was the most intense labor of my four children.  I loved loved loved that during those two pushing contractions I was able to become coherent enough to look around me and see my children with stunning smiles on their faces.  I was able to tell my oldest that "this was her big moment... the one she has been waiting for" and I was able to see my 5 year old sons amazed eyes and to tell him that I loved him...  I was able to see my 2 year old screaming BABY BABY BABY....  then I pushed again and our newest bundle had arrived....

I did have quite a bit of bleeding so the water was awful looking.  My son asked why it was so red then split... giggle  We allowed the placenta to stop pulsing and then my oldest two and my dh cut the cord.  I delivered the placenta and was helped out of the tub and into my nice clean bed.... with all my children snuggled tightly next to us....

We hung out and nursed the baby while the midwives cleaned up.  Then my dh took the kids to the kitchen to cook us all pancakes while the midwives checked me over...  We then ate pancakes in bed with the midwives talking about what had just happened. 

My son announced that he still wanted to go to school that day so that he could tell all of his friends about his new sister and to buy hot lunch... lol...  so he got dressed the midwives took all the kids to the placenta and gave them a science lesson.  My son then went off to school, I nursed my 2 year old to sleep and my 8 year old and I just stared in amazement at the baby and what had just happend....

I am just so amazed and blessed with my family!!  I am so unbeleivably happy that we decided to go the homebirth route this time...  it has been so nice not to be secluded from my children at this time and this event....  I think my oldest two will remember this forever.... and I am just so happy to revel in this babymoon in my own space...


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Fri, 11-24-2006 - 4:35pm

Ohhhhh congrats! I feel like a congratulations should be more personal but honestly after having to have a c-section and losing my own homebirth less than a month ago I am still taken back by a homebirth. Enough to just hold my breath, close my eyes, and imagine about the amazing process of the body and mind during birth. I'm truly impressed and hope to some day be able to attend such a sacred event..... hopefully I will be able to at my next child's birth! Anyways Congratulations!


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Sat, 11-25-2006 - 9:43pm

Sounds like an amazing experience!

My oldest son was 3 when his sister was born... and he was completely unaffected by the fact that he watched her birth... but the placenta fascinated him to no end. He decided it was the baby's alien suitcase, and went on to describe it in great detail in his junior kindergarten show and tell.

Great to hear about all the kids being present. I'm still undecided about having all three of my kids present during this labour... but you're giving me hope that it can be a positive experience and not such a distraction.

Beautiful story!

Take care!
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Mon, 11-27-2006 - 4:00pm
Thank you for sharing your awesome birth story! Congratulations, and welcome baby girl! --Liz, proud mommy of 6, the last 3 born at home

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Thu, 11-30-2006 - 3:45pm
wow! what a huge baby for a girl! congrats and let us know what u name her!
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Thu, 11-30-2006 - 5:27pm

What a great, great story! Thanks for sharing, and congratulations :)

I hope I can convince my 10 year old daughter to be in the room when the baby is born!!

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Sat, 12-02-2006 - 9:30pm

What an awesome birth experience for the whole family!

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Sat, 12-09-2006 - 7:43pm
congrats! best to you and the family! I am wondering how my new daughter (homebirthed) will react if I do a home birth with her around! hopin I am still fertile when she I am an older mom.
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Tue, 12-12-2006 - 4:18pm
Congratulations Michele, and Welcome baby! What an awesome birth! --Liz

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