Isaac's Homebirth Story

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Isaac's Homebirth Story
Sun, 12-10-2006 - 1:07pm

I’ll start my story at Sunday night when I was feeling some of the same old contractions that Id been having for the past couple of weeks. I felt like I had been in labor for 2 weeks of overnights but during the day things were back to normal. The contractions were regular but not painful but combined with not sleeping well for other reasons, by the time Saturday had arrived I was DONE. Nobody around me was speaking ( or understanding) my language. My house was a mess. I looked out the window and my land was a mess ( mud after ice storm) I stayed home, in protest of still being pregnant ? from church on Sunday. When Dh showed up at church without me he had to answer 100 questions about where I was and had the baby been born yet. I was laughing because I had to endure that everyday of my life over the past month or so and now it was his turn.

Sunday night I was laying in bed and felt some of those same old contractions. I fell asleep and woke up around 1 am Monday with some leaking water. This was the first time I had my water break before I was in hoppin’ poppin’ labor so I wasn’t really sure whether I should take a wait and see attitude or call my midwife just in case. At 1:30 I called my midwife and let her know what was going on. She decided to come and sleep on my couch so Id be able to relax and go back to sleep. I had contractions all night but they never really ramped up. In the morning I sent my midwife to do her appointments and told her Id call her when things appeared to be changing. I also sent my friend home who had come to help with the kids and such. I felt awful for wasting their time but given my super fast labors in the past we were all surprised that we didn’t have a baby by morning.

My midwife said that things would probably pick up again when the sun went down. I tried to go about Monday as normally as possible but also get some rest from being up most of the night. My water gushed 5 or 6 times during Monday. I didn’t check my cervix since my water had broke and it was killing me to know if my contractions were doing anything.

Monday night around 11 or 11:30 (again) my contractions seemed to pick up. My friend had already come back and just planned to sleep over. I called my midwife to tell her that things appeared to be picking up but not with any great gusto. I told her I was very indecisive about whether she should come or not. She decided to come and later told me that I was anything BUT indecisive so she knew she should come when I said that.

I labored all through the night in and out of the tub with my husband. At one point we decided we needed to check on my progress because my contractions seemed SO spaced out. I was at 9 and just wasn’t moving from there. Also, we felt a bulging bag of water which meant my water was still in tact and all the leakage was from a high leak in the bag. The water had just kept regenerating all day an occasionally spilling over. At the suggestion of my midwife I spent some time on hands knees ( actually I was leaning on Roger’s chest) to try to get rid of the lip. I worked my way through each contraction by breathing and listening to Roger’s heartbeat. It didn’t seem to create any change. From this point onward I was very unsure what I wanted to do. My midwife wanted to hold back my cervix during a few contractions so babies head would get past that last centimeter but I didn’t want any part of it because I know from previous experience that it hurts. Finally I agreed to 3 contractions of her holding back the lip. I leaned forward against my bed while my husband laid on the bed facing me so I could hold his hands and pull ( gives me the leverage to push ) and my second midwife held counter pressure on my upper legs which get cramps during the contractions. I had realized earlier that I was tensing up against the leg cramps but it was affecting my dilation since its all the same muscle groups. I was pushing against the lip to move my baby past it and that was the only painful part of my labor so far. Pushing without the urge to push really stinks. My water completely broke during these contractions.

At some point in here I got annoyed with my midwife because I was feeling rushed. Even my husband seemed to be taking her side. I know my perception was way off and they were just encouraging me and giving me ideas, but I was ready to throw them all out and finish the job myself. My midwife had suggested earlier that I get out of the water because maybe the water was keeping my belly too buoyant and that was why my ctx had spaced out and become less effective ( less head pressure on cervix) Well I had given it a chance ( being out of the water) and let her hold the lip back etc and now I announced I WAS getting back into the water and to trust me Ill figure it out myself ( lol). I felt very out of my element during the time that I was out of the water. I would compare it to shutting off a persons epidural midway through labor.

I got back into the tub with my husband behind me. I kind of squatted down and leaned my arms over the side of the tub. I decided that lip or no lip I wasn’t going to do this labor thing anymore and pushed with each spaced out contraction I had. I grabbed the arm of one of my midwives ( I still feel like it had to have hurt but she says it was fine ?) and pulled really hard on it so I could push hard without the urge. My husband held counter pressure on my legs which was a HUGE help. I felt the baby move past the lip and announced BABY ! My husband then echoed it , and everyone moved into action. The problem now was I had no contractions and waiting forever for one would have left my little guy stuck for a while . I decided I was FINISHED and would push a few more times with no contractions and no physical urge to push. I pulled on her arm again, and roared and pushed. I wasn’t roaring b/c it hurt but because that’s what it took to push that hard with no help from my uterus. After I got his head out I announced that I would have to wait for the next contraction because that was way too hard to do without one. So on the next one and with a bit of help from Dh he was born. I stood up and they floated my baby on the water to the front of me. I sat back on my Dh lap and beheld my screaming mad boy. None of my others were so pissed off when they were born so it was very strange. He settled after a couple of minutes and we called in Jane and my children to see him. The kids were all very excited to see him. One of them said I sounded like a ghost when I was in labor. I hadn’t called my kids in before because it was SUCH hard work getting him out. In fact towards the end I could hear their voices and ordered everyone out of hearing range. It was 7:49 am on Tuesday and Isaac weighed 9#14 and measured 22.5 inches. My longest but not my heaviest baby. His head and chest measured 15” just like Nathan’s and again I stretched nicely and had no tearing. While my water broke so long ago, I would say the only REAL labor was this period of time from midnight to birth so less than 8 hours.

After a half hour or so I gave the baby to Dh who was out of the water already and climbed out to delivery my placenta. I sat in a nearby rocker and nursed Isaac for what seemed like an hour while I ate eggs and sausage that Jane and my girls had made for everyone. I climbed into my long awaited shower and then got dressed in some warm pajamas and climbed into bed with Dh and Isaac. I spent Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and most of Friday in bed relaxing. I have a wonderful family who take good care of each other.

Friday my husband took all of the kids and got a Christmas tree and decorated it to surprise me. On Saturday I decided to ride along with them to do errands since it had warmed up a lot outside. We picked up groceries and I went into walmart and got some pacifiers and a stocking holder for this little guys stocking. We went to Sonic for lunch and wound up home at about 4. I was ready for bed but it felt good to be out.

I knew when I was pregnant that Isaac was a sensitive baby and he certainly is. He has had me up most nights for long stretches so I’m hoping that will level off sooner than later. I have the best husband in the world who has gotten me everything I’ve needed and more even at ridiculous hours and for crazy reasons. He has been a huge support to me even though he has had a tremendous workload over the past couple of months. I’m blessed to be married to such a great dad too.

Isaac is a precious thing which we are making sure to enjoy as he will be the last newborn to keep us awake all night and I’m sure we’ll someday miss it.






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Sun, 12-10-2006 - 4:20pm
Beautiful baby! Congrats!
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Tue, 12-12-2006 - 4:21pm
Congratulations Tracy, and welcome baby Isaac! I know what you mean about trying to appreciate even the sleepless nights, because they will be gone soon. Clayton is our last, and I am already missing that brand new newborn bit. Thank you for sharing your story!
--Liz, proud mommy of 5 boys, and 1 girl, the last 3 born at home!

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Fri, 12-15-2006 - 11:41am

Congratulations to you and your family! As far as pushing his head out w/no ctx - yikes and WOW. Great job! Happy Babymoon and Merry Christmas!

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Mon, 12-18-2006 - 12:33pm
I just had to pop on and congratulate you and tell you I've done the pushing with no pushing contractions and it is terrible! It's the only time I've ever screamed during labor. It was my first baby and there was just no choice like in your case. It was such a shock with baby number two how easy and painless it all seemed. I hope this baby comes with pushing contrax! But I'll follow your good example if need be.