Baby Cale's homebirth

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Baby Cale's homebirth
Wed, 01-17-2007 - 10:56am

Cale David arrived the morning of January 6th at 9:23. We're all doing great!

I'd been having prodromal labour for about a month... but things finally 'kicked into first gear' for me late at night on January 5th. I tried to zone out and sleep through contractions as much as possible... but by about 6AM the next day I was working fairly hard to get through them... so I asked dh to page the midwives.

DH and I have an ongoing battle about the temperature of our house. I like it cool (68-70). He likes it hot (72 +). So, he had the heat cranked... and I was dying of the heat during labour.

He had purposely positioned the Christmas tree in front of the only thermostat in the house... so in order for me to change the temp, I needed to move the whole tree. So, in the middle of labour, I decided I needed to turn the heat down or I was going to lose my mind. I tried to dangle my pregnant body beside the tree and reach my arm for the thermostat, and I knocked the whole bloody tree down! Luckily, only a few ornaments broke... but it was a mess! But I got out of taking the tree down!

By this time I was in the bathtub, and starting to feel a little 'pushy.' With all my other births, I have gotten really nauseated just before pushing… and I began to get a little ‘heave-y.’ The midwife arrived soon after this, and assessed me to be about 7 cm. My water broke shortly after, and I really began to feel the urge to push. My water has never broken this early before, and it was really annoying to be gushing fluids the entire rest of the time! I feel for you women with water that breaks early!

After about a half hour of not-so-terribly productive pushing, I had the midwife check me again. I was a stretchy 9 cm with a bit of a cervical lip. By this time, the second and third midwife had arrived, and it was getting a little crowded… so I spent the majority of my time in and out of the tub. It was suggested that I try not to push during contractions so we could get past that last little bit of cervix, without any swelling.

So I spent the next half hour trying to pant through contractions, mostly standing up… but that $%^#%^%$ cervical lip was not budging. With the next contraction, we tried having one of the midwives push the lip past baby’s head, and it worked like a charm… although it was quite uncomfortable.

Baby Cale was born about 2 contractions later with a big splash. I was squatting on the floor in a birth chair, and dh was behind me, supporting my upper body. I lifted him out myself, and dh helped us onto the bed. Baby Cale was really cute and pink and alert, and really ‘vernixy.’ So we basically just bundled up together, and wiped off the baby cheese with a soft blanket... and got down to some nursing.

All his initial signs were great; so we cuddled for about an hour… had the placenta, etc. Then I hopped into a warm herbal bath to soak and clean myself up while the midwives did his newborn exam, weight, etc. He is 22 inches long and weighs 9lbs. I think he's going to end up blond and blue-eyed at this point, but we shall see.

Anyhow, we're all really healthy... not even a graze for me. The other kids are really excited, and ticked that we didn't choose the names they wanted "Day-dee" "Cameron Burrito" or "Christian."

Take care!
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Thu, 01-18-2007 - 1:18am

Awe, what a great birth story!

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Fri, 01-19-2007 - 11:55pm
Congratulations! I just love reading how amazing these homebirths are...I'm getting anxious for my own turn!!

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Sat, 02-03-2007 - 2:04pm
Sorry I'm late posting, but CONGRATULATIONS FRANKIE, AND WELCOME BABY CALE! Thanks for sharing your birth story. I love reading them!
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