Brianna's Homebirth story

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Brianna's Homebirth story
Thu, 01-18-2007 - 12:59pm

It is so weird that I never posted her birth story here... So here it is 2 years later.

Brianna Janeane was born at home into her daddy's hands on Saturday, March 19th at 8:39pm. 8lbs 10.5oz, 20" long.

My dream of a beautiful homebirth came true! While I did not experience the hypnobabies ideal quick and painless birth, the fact remains that I was able to give birth at home without any drugs or complications, and I had not had sleep in over 36 hours so it was a success by any measure.

My birthing basically started on Wednesday, March 16th and continued off and on until she was born on Saturday so it was a bit of a marathon. By Saturday morning my contractions became very intense and I went into “active birthing” a combination of exhaustion and my Attention Deficit Disorder caused me to give up trying to say in hypnosis. I just ended up just having Brian and our Moms' use the relaxation cues (open, relax, peace) from the Hypnobabies program. Everyone did a great job keeping me relaxed and reminding me not to tense up or fight during contractions. I ended up giving birth in the tub but I spent a good part of my birthing standing up hanging on Brian with my Mom rubbing my back. Even though it was painful NEVER did I scream or curse Brian or any of the Hollywood stuff. The midwives were very impressed with the fact that they never had to come into the bedroom and calm me down (I guess they usually have to do this a few times during each birth). The midwives really just stayed out of the bedroom and let Brian and our Mom's take care of me, they only came in the room to check Brianna's heart rate and then they left me alone until I started pushing. I pushed for just under 2 hours and it was actually a big surprise that she came out on the push that she did, it did not feel much different than any of the other pushes just all of a sudden she went from crowning to head out. The cord was over one shoulder so Maryl had to help Brian with that and before we knew it she was all the way out. Brianna was born entirely in the cull (meaning that my water never broke) in many cultures this means that the baby will be a seer or a spiritual leader, we thought that was really neat. We hung out in the tub for a bit to wait for the placenta and to let Brianna nurse a bit. Then she was weighed was weighed. When Madrona told me it was time to get out of the tub and asked me what I wanted to do I gave an answer she totally did not expect. I told her I wanted a shower and to wash my hair. She grudgingly obliged but was very cautious to make sure that I did not have any trouble. We had a toast with some apple cider and I snuggled down into bed with our new little girl safe beside me. The Grandmas and midwives started cleaning up the house while I finally got some sleep. It was such a great experience! While it was exhausting and painful at times it was wonderful and I would not change a thing.

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Sat, 02-03-2007 - 2:07pm
Thanks for sharing your birth story Kirstin, even 2 years later. I love reading the birth stories. Congratulations!
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