Odessa Ruth is here!

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Odessa Ruth is here!
Sun, 03-25-2007 - 3:16pm

Well, after only two hours of labor, my baby girl made her entrance into this world! My contractions started about 1:30 am and about the third one, my water broke. They started coming pretty close together. I called the mw's to come over since it was apparent this wasn't false labor like yesterday morning. I woke up my DH and we started to fill the tub. The mw's got to our house about 2am and checked me and I was at a 5. I had a few more strong contractions and then got into the tub. HEAVEN! The contrax had been coming really close together and getting in the tub slowed them down enough for me to feel more in control. After about 3-4 contractions in the tub I started to feel pushy. After two pushy contractions I really had to push full force. It had only been about half an hour since they checked me. I was afraid it was too soon, but they told me just to go with what my body was telling me. So, it took about 4 good pushes and out she came! After waiting for 20 min or so for the placenta, we decided just to clamp and cut the cord so I could get into a squat to get it out. After that was over, I was so relieved to know I was all done! It really was a pretty fantastic birth and I'm so glad I was able to have a successful home birth. She is nursing like a champ and we have yet to hear cry! She weighed 7lbs10oz and was 20 in. long.

Thanks for reading my story!


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Sun, 03-25-2007 - 7:20pm
Congratulations!! I hope my birth in September goes as well as yours. I tend to have short 7-9 hour labors with only bad pain towards the end so we will see.
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Sun, 03-25-2007 - 7:57pm

Wow congrats. No matter how many homebirth stories I hear I'm still renewed in my faith to homebirth with each one. Thank you for sharing your story.


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Mon, 03-26-2007 - 12:04am

That sounded like an awesome birth Rebekah!

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Sat, 03-31-2007 - 4:46pm
Congrats! and, Happy Birhtday Odessa Ruth. Great story, thanks for sharing. -jen
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Sun, 04-01-2007 - 4:30am
Congratulations! It sounds like a wonderful birth eperience. It's always nice when you're almost done by the time the midwives show up. Enjoy your babymoon! Love, Laura