Unassisted HB story from a lurker

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Unassisted HB story from a lurker
Tue, 05-15-2007 - 10:32am

I have lurked on this board since becoming pg with this baby. We had planned on a hospital birth since the closest OB unit is 20-30 minutes away in the event of a transfer. But we also knew that there was a chance this labor would be very fast, and prepared accordingly. I'm so glad we did!! This is our 4th baby, 1st homebirth. The hospital we were supposed to deliver at is an hour away, but in morning rush hour, it would have taken close to 2 hours just to get there.

Tuesday morning (may 8th), I realized at 6am, that I had been having cramps for about an hour, and thought maybe this was labor. I was 3 days past my due date, and very anxious for baby. I also had lots of show, which I had never had before, so I was wondering if something would start to happen. At 6:50, I called dh to tell him he would need to make arrangements at work and come home soon. The past month, he had been working close to home, and went to a new job this week, which was 45 minutes away. I was still kind of unsure if it was really labor though, so I didn't want him to race home for a false alarm. At 8am, I decided this was most definitely labor. I called Jason again to make sure he wasn't taking his time. I got our bedroom ready, then got into the shower. Just when I started to get nervous about the contractions, Jason arrived. He made it home in 30 minutes. Being the "funny guy" he dressed in scrubs - which I didn't find very amusing at that point!

It was almost 9am, and although the contractions weren't lasting long, they were incredibly intense, and I had to get down on my knees to get through them. I was very happy they were so short, but also nervous that they were so intense. The kids were in the living room, watching videos and behaving very well. Jason was boiling water, rubbing my back, giving me drinks. Around 10am, I realized I was in transition. I was doing ok, sounding through, willing myself to open, release, surrender, anything I could think of to get through! I was face down on the bed, with my rear up in the air, lol. I had incredible back pain, chills, hot flashes, it was a very intense time. I was nauseated, and was really doubting that I could continue. Then I would tell myself I didn't have a choice, and HAD to keep going. Then I had a brief thought of the hospital, and that gave me strength to keep going. Finally I looked at the time, it was 11 o'clock already - why wasn't transition over?? Then I realized that if I wanted this to be over and get the baby out, I needed to get my rear end down, and my head up. So I slid to the floor, and had a couple contractions on my hands and knees. Wow, the pressure was much more intense being more upright. I couldn't take any more pain, and started to push. I wasn't sure if I had to or not, but it worked! I felt the baby's head crown, and in another push, it came halfway out. Then it was all the way out! Jason got a bit nervous at this point, seeing a purple head did it. He checked for the cord, and told me quietly to please push again. I told him I had to wait a second, but he said no don't wait, you have to push. So we went back and forth - push, no, push, I can't. After 30 seconds or so, I was able to push again, and with a big gush, baby came surfing right on out landing in Jason's arms. He held him face down, and I heard him sputter and cry. Yay!! Baby was ok! I managed to get up on the bed again, Jason gave me the baby and we covered him up and rubbed him with warm towels. He was crying and getting red, he was so beautiful!! We did it!! I was able to get him to latch on pretty quickly, and after a half an hour or so, Jason tied and cut the cord. I delivered the placenta into a bowl, and we cleaned most of the mess up to get ready for the kids to come in. They had heard the baby crying and were getting very anxious to come and see. They came in and were thrilled, it was so sweet to see them greet their new brother.
I was still having painful cramps, but was feeling ok in general. I was very happy to do it at home, if we had been in the hospital, I would have been in more pain with monitors, people, etc. I would probably have lost it and cried for pain medication as well, lol. I realize now that transition took so long because I wasn't upright. I think if I had been on my knees sooner, he would have been able to come out around 10:30, instead of 11:15.

It was wonderful, and we are thrilled with this birth, and our choice to stay home. Jason liked being the only one with me, and not having any annoyances! He really enjoyed being able to catch his baby.

I wanted to share, since there aren't many new birth stories posted here. We had baby Lochlin weighed and measured, he was 9lbs1oz, and 21 and 3/4 inches long. He is also the first of my babies to not have jaundice. It was wonderful to recover at home, and not feel trapped in a hospital.

Mare, with 4 little ones

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Tue, 05-15-2007 - 11:27am


I relish reading these stories. Thanks a bunch for sharing! Oh, and I thought it was hilarious that your husband showed up at home in scrubs. Priceless.


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Tue, 05-15-2007 - 9:17pm
Congratulations on your new baby boy and thank you so much for sharing this beautiful and uplifting birth story :)


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Wed, 05-16-2007 - 11:56am
Congrats! You could post your story on the Unassisted Childbirth board as well. There are probably some ladies over there that would love to read it.

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Thu, 05-17-2007 - 1:09am
That's a wonderful birth story!
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Sat, 05-19-2007 - 9:58pm

Wow, Mare! Great story! Thanks for coming to tell it here. (I agree, you should also post it on the Unassisted Childbirth board!) Your post was very encouraging and very informative! In the future, I bet your births will go just as fast -- once mine got quick (quickest was 59 mins; now they average 1 to 1-1/2 hours), they've stayed quick.

We have had five unassisted births at home and we ****love**** it -- it's so awesome to just crawl back in bed when everything over and cleaned up and just rest with baby.

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Sat, 05-26-2007 - 6:39pm

Congratulations and welcome to your newest little one! I totally kwym and agree about being home and how much different and better it is. My 4th baby was also my first homebirth (planned) and it was the best birth experience I've ever had.

Congrats again and welcome to this awesome board!

Amy :-) dw to Jerry; CPST and HS Mom to 4 great kids and hopefully more!

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Wed, 06-13-2007 - 4:05pm

That is such a fabulous story - thanks for sharing!!


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Sun, 07-01-2007 - 2:57pm

Wow, Mare! Congratulations on having Lochlin at home! I'm currently researching having a home birth and your story is a great inspiration!

Thank you for sharing!

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