Our first HB baby is here!

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Our first HB baby is here!
Tue, 05-15-2007 - 11:07am

Hi everyone,

I've visited this board a few times this pregnancy, and I've been waiting a long time to post here! We had our first homebirth - our third baby - this past weekend. He came in 3 hours, and I had little pain until I was complete, but pushing did hurt quite a bit. He came into this world right in our bedroom, caught by DH. What a wonderful experience. He was 10 1/2 pounds, so quite a big one! What an incredible birth! I'm so glad I was able to have him at home - so relaxing, peaceful - the perfect way to start a new life! :)

Thanks for letting me share! :)


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Tue, 05-15-2007 - 11:28am
CONGRATULATIONS! I hope you'll come back and share the story.


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Tue, 05-15-2007 - 4:00pm

Congratulations! It is a wonderful way to bring a new life into the world, at home, in private. What is baby's name??


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Tue, 05-15-2007 - 9:19pm
Congratulations on the birth of your new baby and on having a wonderful HB :)


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Thu, 05-17-2007 - 12:59am
That's awesome!
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