1st homebirth with baby #3

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1st homebirth with baby #3
Fri, 05-18-2007 - 11:04am

I just wanted to share with people I know will appreciate my story. Sorry it is very long.

I just had my third baby on May 13th - Mother's Day - what a present!

I had two previous natural hospital births but knew this time around I just could not put up with all the hubbub of a hospital setting with its routines that aren't necessary for every labor. I didn't want to be fighting and argueing during my labor so I looked into finding a midwife I would feel comfortable and confident in. I was so lucky to find Tanya because she was a wonderful attendent at the birth.

My pregnancy was good and I had BH all throughout. So on Sat the 12th, a week before my EDD, when I was having BH all day I was trying not to pay attention to them to soon, since I knew they could fade out as soon as I went to bed that night. Well I had two more BH like contractions in bed and as soon as my DH turned off light and joined me I had a contractions so different from the others I blurted out to him, "Jim this is labor". I got up to go to the bathroom and had another on the toilet. I then wanted to jump in the shower and had another few in there. DH started timing them and they were about 2 min apart but only lasting 45 sec at this point. At 10:30pm I decided to call the midwife at this point as she is about an hour away. I had a contraction on the phone with her and she decided she was on her way. I was so glad to hear that because I felt like I was working hard but wasn't sure if I was just being a big baby about these contractions and that if this was early labor I was going to die before I got to active labor (I should have know just by this thinking I was farther along than I thought) DH set up the pool in our bedroom between helping me through some contractions. I was very restless and was moving around trying different postions throughout the house but couldn't seem to find one that felt good for more that a couple contractions. The midwife arrived around midnight. She asked if I wanted to get checked first before she called her assistant or after. I choose then and was happy to hear I was 6cm. I asked if I could get in the pool then and she said yes. I got in the warm water and that helped me to calm down. The contractions where so close and I felt I was having trouble feeling on top of them. I just kept telling myself to let go, that my body knew what to do and I just had to let it. I kept getting up to go to the bathroom and got caught with contractions a couple times out of postition. Those were the worst ever. When I hit transition the pool was not the place I wanted to be. I got out and laid on the bed for a few contractions and could feel the baby shifting positions and starting to move farther down in my pelvis. I got the feeling of pressure but not quite pushing and asked the midwife to check me again. I was complete with only a lip of cervix on one side. She said that with the next few I would probably be ready to push. After going to the bathroom again and having my DH hold me up while just dangling in his arms through two contractions (those felt the best) I felt like squatting next to the bed and getting ready to push. We had the assistant wake our two boys and bring them in. I had a hard time feeling like I was pushing effectively and asked if I could use the birthing stool. Once on there I felt better and started pushing baby out. When the baby was probably half way down the birth canal my water burst all over the midwife. Once that happened baby was born within 4 min. I peeked at the mirror briefly to see the head starting to crown but was more focused inward. I felt head crown and definetly felt the burning ring of fire this time (or was just more aware of it) and then the body coming out felt wonderful. The baby came right up to me and I held the baby close to me while telling my oldest to come around as he was behind me with DH. It was his job to check the sex of the baby and as I turned baby around he announced, "It's a boy" Yea! Three boys! He was born at 1:40am. After about 15 min the placenta was delivered. Then the midwife clamped and I cut the cord. A few minutes after baby self attached to the breast. We cuddled as a family for awhile on the bed before we got the measurements and weight. We hadn't picked a name yet so we kept going over names while talking to baby boy. We couldn't decide before the midwife left at 5:00am but decided to get some sleep. We decided the next day on Holden Tanner (brothers helped out here as well)

Well thanks for listening to my story. We are all doing well and I couldn't imagine this birth having been anywhere but home. We had such a wonderful experience.

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Fri, 05-18-2007 - 11:59am

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Fri, 05-18-2007 - 12:00pm
What a wonderful mother's day gift!
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Thu, 09-13-2007 - 1:35pm
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Mon, 10-15-2007 - 10:48am
My birthday was May 13, Mother's Day. Your story is similar to mine. I'm expecting my third and I had natural births before in a hospital and I don't want to have to deal with the "hub bub" of the hospital this time. I'm due Dec 27 and I can't wait to see what happens and have my baby at home.
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