HBAC success!! Welcome Sephrya :)

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HBAC success!! Welcome Sephrya :)
Sun, 12-30-2007 - 10:59am

We did it!! I am still in awe :) What an incredible experience! Quick details: Sephrya (pronounced Sef-ra) Jean was born on Dec 28, 2007 at 6:45am. She is 8 pounds, 2 ounces and beautiful, of course~

On the 27th, I went to sleep with some mild ctx which happened everytime DH and I BDd the last two weeks, so I wasn't expecting anything. I woke up around 3:30am and they were a bit more difficult; enough so that I couldn't stay in bed. I went out on my birthing ball in the living room and answered a few posts on the BF/LC board and sent an e-mail to my neighbor (RN) who was working the night shift telling her what was up. The ctx were showing about 5 min apart, but they really weren't that bad.

Hannah woke up (thankfully) around 4am, bright-eyed and bushy tailed. She woke DH up (being loud-I was still letting him sleep), who started filling up the birth tub and made me call people. I really didn't think this was 'it' and was reluctant to call. I finally started having bloody show, which finally made me think that maybe this WAS it. I called my midwife...she and her assistant were at a home where mom had given birth 5 minutes before I called!

My MIL came and got Hannah and our dog, I remember hearing her crying when she left :( MY sister was here as well, and I was having to lean on her during the ctx; DH was still getting everything ready. My midwife called back, and I told my sister to tell DH to tell the MW that I was starting to feel some pressure. Yikes!

We got the birthing tub filled, but it never got warm enough to use. Darn it!

My bff/doula showed up, and I was really having to work through the contractions. Soon, I started feeling LOTS of pressure. I remember telling my sister/bff that I was so worried I was only 2 cm, and they told me I was nuts. The MWs were still not here. Monica had Jeremy on the phone going through what he would have to do if he ended up delivering baby! THankfully, my other doula (who is another MWs assistant) then showed up; I was very comfortable having her there without the MWs if it came down to that.

I was starting to be very vocal through the contractions and needing to push. It was nice to 'blow' through them at the end. Lots of grunting and yelling. I found myself saying, "Open" and "Down, baby" as well as praying outloud. Thankfully, one of the midwives showed up. Whew! I remember people telling me how much farther I was than when I had Hannah. THat was very encouraging to have gotten past the point for where we got 'stuck' with her.

My bag of waters were bulging for a while; that was kind of strange feeling. After 20 minutes or so, my mw just clipped the bag and it drained. I continued to push, kneeling facing our bed and holding on to DH. My cat stayed on the bed a good portion of the time purring. I gave her a few cuddles between ctx. (I looooooove my kitty and this was something I looked forward to with the homebirth). She was such a good helper.

When my pushing got really intense, I turned around. DH was still on the bed, and I leaned into his legs squatting while he held me up. Here came the ring of fire. Ouch! That was the only time I said I couldn't do it was during that time. It hurt!! I just remember praying to God to let me have the strength to do it.

A few more pushes, and my MW told me to reach down and feel baby's head. OMGoodness! THat was incredible. Unfortunately, I got a bit excited at that point. The next push and baby was out! My sister said that as baby came out I looked at her with a look of astonishment on my face. No one was quite ready for her, so she just kind of plopped on the floor...good thing I was squatting and very close to the floor! Slower would have been better, but, oh well!

I scooped her up and we saw that she was a girl! She looked great and gave us a few cries to tell us she was okay. Her APGARs were 9 and 10. I did tear a bit and needed some stitches. We tried nursing, but she was rather uninterested for about a half hour or so. Since then, she's been nursing like a champ!

I still cannot believe that we did the home vbac! I didn't think of the vbac 'risks' at all the entire time. I just trusted my body to what it needed to do. DH was an incredible support. I can't imagine not having both doulas and my sister there, either. Baby had good timing, as my sister had to leave town again this morning.

All of the prayers and positive thoughts were definitely felt! And, the quick labor vibes...less than 4 hours from start to finish! Woohoo :)



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Sun, 12-30-2007 - 4:20pm
Great job Theresa!
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Sun, 12-30-2007 - 6:02pm


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Sun, 12-30-2007 - 6:05pm

YAY!!!!! Welcome baby Sephrya:)

Congrats and good job mama! Your birth sounds just so amazing, powerful and beautiful. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your babymoon.

Genevieve - Enjoying every day with her sweetpea Sareen!!

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Mon, 12-31-2007 - 4:45am

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am soooo excited for you! After all the emotions you have been through to get your HBAC...what a beautiful birth story.

Now go rest and enjoy your blessed new baby!!

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Mon, 12-31-2007 - 12:32pm


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Tue, 01-01-2008 - 12:18pm

AWESOME story! Thanks for sharing. What an incredible experience.
I'd been wondering how you were doing!

And a big welcome to Sephrya! I'm just so happy for all of you!

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Thu, 01-03-2008 - 10:45am
Welcome to the world baby Sephrya! What a beautiful story mama! A fast labor and delivery like mine :)!

Check out Baby Elisabeth's website for photos, blogs, and more: http://web.mac.com/becca.c/iWeb/Baby

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Fri, 01-04-2008 - 5:33pm

Sorry I have been so busy or I would have written a congrats sooner. I am so very happy to hear that you had your vbac, go mama go!!!! These stories mean so much to me, so thanks for sharing.


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Sun, 01-06-2008 - 9:58pm

OH! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I'm so happy that you had your HBAC!!! And your little Sephrya is here! PTL!

You are so very blessed! Thank you so much for sharing your birth with us!

~Homeschooling, homebirthing mother of 5~