Alex is here!

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Alex is here!
Sat, 01-26-2008 - 7:08am
Alexander Joseph made his big entrance on January 12th, at 12:08 (noon) weighing 9lbs 3oz and measuring almost 22 inches.

If you want to read the birth story and see a couple of pics, I posted it on the Unmed Birth board, I hope you don't mind my just linking it here, it's a bit quicker :-)

We're both doing fine and starting to get into some sort of a routine, although it does seem to change around again every few days. Up until friday my mum was staying with us to help as well, so that was nice, but now we're on our own until DH's parents come for a visit in two weeks.


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Sat, 01-26-2008 - 10:13pm

Miika! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! I'm so happy for you! Alex is so handsome!
It sounds like you had such a wonderful birth. I hope you're healing up well.

Congrats again!

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