Devestating news for a friend....

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Devestating news for a friend....
Sat, 08-14-2004 - 3:54pm
One of my dear friends from grad school has been ttc for 18 months - Friday she had a lap/hysteroscopy and found out her utereus is severely misformed - I didnt get all the details but the bottom line is she could never carry a pregnancy -

Her dh is dead set against adoption so unless he changes his mind this is the end of her dream of motherhood.

I feel so horrible for her and honestly I don't even know what to say, this is so sudden and final you know?

Please keep her in your prayers.

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Sat, 08-14-2004 - 4:46pm
That is just so terribly sad. Your friend will be in my thoughts and prayers.
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Mon, 08-16-2004 - 10:23am


Oh gosh I am so sorry for her.

My heart just breaks.

I hate that.

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Mon, 08-16-2004 - 8:22pm
I am so sorry to hear about your friend. Has she talked to her DH about why he is dead set against adoption? Maybe things will change now that they got the news. Some people just need to get used to the idea. What are his fears? She needs to explore those with him.

Also, just wanted to mention that miracles do happen, so you never know!

Keeping her in my prayers!