Sunday Prays and Hugs

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Sunday Prays and Hugs
Sun, 07-06-2008 - 9:47am

I know we all don't have the same beliefs but just testing this tread out.  So these years of TTC conceive are hard, long, and sometimes lonely.  It is nice to know that you have people praying for you or sending you hugs.  So think of someone on the board who needs your prays/hugs or someone in you life that needs prays/hugs.  This is a good place to let them know that you are thinking of them.

Jess-sending you (((HUGS))) and Prays (I know getting a BFN is hard but remember each day we are getting closer to the end of our journey)

Krystle- I know this journey is hard and a m/c doesn't make your journey easier but for some reason this whole process makes us stronger.  Sending you (((HUGS) and Prays

Reba- that you find your happy days soon. Sending you (((HUGS))) and Prays

I am also sending ((((HUGS)))) and Prays to all the women on this board dealing with IF and too my friends IRL that are dealing with IF.  We are all stronger women because of this. 



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Sun, 07-06-2008 - 10:01am

This is a wonderful idea !

I want to send hugs to;

All the others on this board that also had AF show up this week, seeing her is never fun

And everyother women on this board....I have never seen such amazing, strong women all gathered in one ladies are all truly a life saver and a comfort....I've been in such a better mood since I found you all!

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Sun, 07-06-2008 - 12:04pm

Thanks --- I need a little boost after this weekend.

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Sun, 07-06-2008 - 8:16pm

How about some thankful PRAYS for my "friends in my computer" who make this journey a little bit easier?

Thankful PRAYS for you, Susan! You clearly dedicate a lot of time to us on this board. You know how to sympathize and how to be positive...and often do both at the same time!


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Tracy, 28 - FXS Carrier/POF