You've got to be kidding me

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You've got to be kidding me
Thu, 02-26-2009 - 10:46am
Yesterday I had an HSG at 8:00am.  At around 2:00 I started to have some pain in my lower abdomen.  Everytime I moved it hurt, and if I applied pressure it killed.  As time passed the pain got a lot worse, and radiated through my entire abdomen.  By the time I left work I was gasping with pain. 


I ended up going to the emergency room at around 5:30 because the pain was so bad and wouldn't go away.  They took blood and urine samples, as well as X-Rays to check for air in my abdomen. 


They ended up not finding anything unusual except an elevated white blood cell count, which was probably because of the pain.  The pain itself was probably an allergic reaction to the contrast material they used during the HSG.


They gave me a mega dose injection of Toradol, along with a prescription.  Unfortunately the Toradol did absolutely nothing.  I finally just went to bed at around 8:30 to try and escape the pain.  Luckily it was the kind of pain that wasn't excrutiating if I lied completely still.  And amazingly, I was able to fall asleep quickly and stay asleep (which is so unlike me).


I am flabbergasted that Justin and I keep managing to beat the odds in the wrong direction.  If there is a very small chance of something going wrong, it'll go wrong for us!


1. We were in the 15% who couldn't get pregnant in the first year. (We can all relate to that, obviously)


2. Justin was in the 5% of men with MFI.


3. I was one of the 5% of women who stop ovulating when they take Clomid. (come on, SERIOUSLY?)


4. I was in the 1% of women who have complications after an HSG.


Oh, and to top it off, when we walk into the emergency room the person admitting us is someone Justin and I knew in high school.  Someone we did not want to know all of our business.  THEN the nurse we got was about 8 months pregnant.  And then they put a crying baby in the room beside us.


Like my ovaries weren't aching enough, already.


TTC #1.  DX: DH has low sperm count.  We're trying to improve his count with FertilAid, L-Caritine, L-Arginine, CoQ10, Niacin, and several other supplements.  Tried one cycle of clomid while waiting to see RE -- totally messed up my cycle.  HSG on 02/25 -- tubes are clear and open.  We're going to see a naturopath on 02/26 for a homeopathic remedy.  Hoping to do IUI #1 March 2009.

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Thu, 02-26-2009 - 11:34am

Oh Lauren! I can't believe that!!! How awful.

I hope you start feeling better and get some rest.


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Thu, 02-26-2009 - 11:52am
I am so sorry to hear that.


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Thu, 02-26-2009 - 11:58am
So sorry, Lauren.

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Thu, 02-26-2009 - 12:00pm

That sounds like such an awful day, so sorry to hear that you had a complication from the HSG. I hope you are feeling better soon.



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Thu, 02-26-2009 - 12:16pm

Thanks for all of your sympathy, ladies.

After struggling with infertility, we welcomed our son Noah on March 18, 2010! Formerly a teacher, I am now a breastfeeding, babywearing, stay at home Mom, and I couldn't love it any more!
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Thu, 02-26-2009 - 2:50pm


((hugs)) what an experience. i can totally relate about beating the odds the wrong way. that's how i felt throughout this whole process. hopefully now will be your time to go with the good odds!


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