I am offically pissed!!!!

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I am offically pissed!!!!
Fri, 03-27-2009 - 10:50am

This has absolutely been the worst week possible.  I am so glad it is almost over. 

  • Called RN on Tuesday didn't call me back (to check on results)
  • Called RN on Wednesday didn't call me back until the afternoon
  • Thursday anxiety city and lots of pregnancies all around
  • My car is dying
  • I am feeling guilty for wanting to do a DE cycle right now because we should really be putting the money other places
  • Today found out my RN still didn't have my pap results
  • Called the Drs office they didn't fax it off because it was normal
  • Oh yeah so now since they didn't fax the results I don't get my password until next week

Please let today end quickly!!!



  TTC TTC #1 since June 2006, Me 28 & DH 29, IVF #1 ICSI and AH ~ BFN, IVF #2 Jan ICSI and AH ~ BFN, Next Step DE and mock cycle, DX ~ DOR not POF, TTC w/ the assitance of Traditional Chinese Medicine  "To get through the hardest Journey we need to take only one step at a time, but we must keep on stepping." ~Chinese Proverb

IVF #2:
BCPs 12/22-1/6
Starting Lupron 1/9
Start Stims 1/11
1/14 First u/s saw 5 follicles!!!
1/16 Second u/s 7 follicles and 4 measurable!!!
1/18 Thrid u/s 8 follicles 6 measurable 3-11s, 14, 15, and 18
1/20 Triggered @12:45
1/22 ER @ 12:45 6 eggs retrieved 1 fertilized
ET 1/25 surprise at ET 2 embies growing 2 4-cells transfered
Turtle & Rabbit are snuggling in :o)
Beta 2/9~BFN
Moving onto DE Mock cycle as soon as AF comes
Mock done and I responded great (I have a beautiful uterus)
Counseling session ~ Done
Loan Approved
B/W to be done
Pap Done
Now just waiting for results
Expect to have donor password very soon!!!

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Fri, 03-27-2009 - 10:55am


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Fri, 03-27-2009 - 10:58am

Awwww Susan!


Me (37) DH (32) TTC since June 20 06; HSG July 2007= all clear; 4 rounds of Clomid end of 2

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Fri, 03-27-2009 - 11:04am

URGH! How annoying. You'd think for as much as we pay doctor's offices they could send the darn forms you need when you need them. I don't blame you for being pissed.

You shouldn't feel guilty for the DE cycle. I know the economy is crazy out there right now but they'll turn around and you'll have your baby. You've been waiting long enough.


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Fri, 03-27-2009 - 11:08am


I am so sorry you had such a rotten week. You deserve so much better...you have dealt with so much bad and negative already, and you always try to look at the positive, or focus on the hope. We can help you focus on the hope when you are down this one time....because there is hope! Next week you will have your password. You will be looking at donors. (Yes!!!) You are still on your way to a beautiful BFP, albeit with



Me 32, C 34. Toge

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Fri, 03-27-2009 - 11:17am

oh susan,

what a difficult week! it's so frustrating to have to count on all these medical professionals who don't take this as seriously as you do. is the pword you're talking about for the donor website to look at profiles? hopefully you'll get it really soon. and at least the pap was normal, but i'm sure you knew it would be.

don't feel guilty for spending money on IF. most of us who go through it don't really have the money for it, and yet when it's the most important thing in your life right now (as you're forced to determine since it's so much harder than just BD'ing) you need to do whatever it takes. a while ago i thought about it as if i'd been accused of a bad crime. you may not have the money to hire a great lawyer, but you do it anyway and somehow find a way to pay for it b/c you have to. and for a lot of us going through IF, this is a "have to". i know it was for me.

i hope you can have a relaxing weekend that you really deserve!


TTC since Sept '06. Diagnosed w/ PCOS, DH diagnosed with azoospermia Dec '06, TESA Mar '07. IVF/ICSI/AZH#1 Aug'07, BFN (6 usable eggs, 5 embies, 2 transferred, 1st beta=18, 2nd beta=12, 0 made it to blast to freeze). IVF/ICSI#2:retrieval Nov'07 (w/ fresh TESA), FET sched Jan'08, no embryos to transfer (23 usable eggs, 12 embies, 0 made it to transfer). IVF/ICSI#3: retrieval Mar'08, FET May'08, BFN (13 usable eggs, 7 fertilized w/ DH sperm= 0 blasts, 6 fertlized w/ DS=3 blasts, all 3 transferred, 1st beta=74, 2nd beta=64, 3rd beta=42). 1st cycle IUI/clomid/donor sperm postponed due to lack of follicular growth on 100mg clomidx5days.


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Fri, 03-27-2009 - 12:15pm
I'm so sorry. (((HUGS))) Try to keep your chin up... it is the start of the weekend!

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Fri, 03-27-2009 - 12:22pm

The offer still stands if you want me to call the ghetto doctors office and go off on them I am here for you!

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Fri, 03-27-2009 - 12:29pm

What crap. Please be sure and tell them what they have done as far as backing up when you'll get important info you were waiting on! ARRRRGGGG! I really don't like it when people don't hold up their end of the deal. How ridiculous even after all the phone calls. I'd complain to the office manager, I really would. This is absurd.

I'm sorry you had a crappy week. I hope you have a fabulous weekend and get your password ASAP on Monday!!! :) Also, don't feel guility about spending money on DE. This is what you and DH want, a baby. And there are always a billion other places where the money could go but this is the important place right now. This is an investment in your family!!! Go for it and don't feel guilty!

Kitty :)


Me-30, DH newly 34, diagnosed with PCOS in Nov/Dec 2008. 3 Failed cycles of Clomid. (50mg, 100mg, 150mg) Started working with RE Nov 26. Asked for & started M

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Fri, 03-27-2009 - 12:36pm
Aww Susan I'm sorry!!!! I can relate to the pap taking forever... it took my doctor almost two weeks, and it was a cancer follow-up apt! When I called they had it sitting there and just hadn't decided to take it back to the doctor yet. I was LIVID! I hope that next week is better for you!!!

Samantha Rae Ireland

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Fri, 03-27-2009 - 12:38pm

( ( ( ( H U G S ) ) ) ) I'm sorry you had such a crappy week. I hate Drs offices. I swear a requirement for working there is to be stupid and rude. Every one I have dealt with have been this way. Good news is your Pap was normal and next week will be here before you know it. I can't wait for you to be a mom, you are going to be a great one. Don't feel guilty about putting your money towards a baby. We aren't even working and although I'm not seeing a Dr I am still trying. You are such a wonderful person, Susan, and desrve to have what you want.

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