My best friend is PG ...

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My best friend is PG ...
Sun, 03-29-2009 - 4:15pm

Well, his wife is ... and while I am SO happy for them, I can't help but be jealous ... my DH and I have been married 7.5 years and ttc for ... about 7 yrs !  This couple are newly married and this is almost a honeymoon baby.

Onto our second last FET (after two fresh IVF and one FET - all failed) and feel that now even if it works (no faith at all that it will ... or that I even want it to ... I just want to move on with my life) we are just so jaded and cynical.

Just wish it could have been us like that ... all happy and optimistic !  Still, everything happens for a reason and maybe it's just not meant to be :)

Sorry for the vent and once again ... most of my feelings are just so happy for my friend and his wife ... wish it could be like that for everyone !!!

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Sun, 03-29-2009 - 9:00pm

That is always a hard situation.

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Sun, 03-29-2009 - 10:26pm

Hang in there...that's a hard situation. I know you're happy for them but how could you not be jealous after dealing with IF, we'd all be. But hang in there and even as hard as this is, if you're not ready to give up yet believe in miracles or if you're ready to give up and close this chapter i understand that too. Just wanted to let you know I'm sorry you're having to go through this and I'm thinking of you. :)



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Mon, 03-30-2009 - 8:41am
Sorry, I know how you feel. You're happy for them, it just still hurts. Hugs, I hope your FET is successful.


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Wed, 04-01-2009 - 4:32pm

Hey all ... thanks for your kind responses.

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Thu, 04-02-2009 - 8:43pm

I recently found out my best friend is pregnant too.

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