Kids say the Darnest Things

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Kids say the Darnest Things
Thu, 05-07-2009 - 10:20pm

So, if the following conversation would have occured with an adult rather than an adorable 8 year old blonde girl in pig tails, I think I would have broken down....

I was tutoring a second grader today and decided to do a cute Mother's Day poem activity....can you guess where this is going?!?!

Half way through, she looked at me and started this converstaion: (we'll call her BG for Blonde Girl)

BG- "Are you an adult?"

me- "What do you think?"

BG- "Yes.... are you married?"

me- "yes"

BG- "Do you have any kids?"

me- "No. Not yet."

BG- "Well, why do you just go and get pregnant??"

me- (smiling back at her innocence) "Hopefully one day I will be."

BG- "Well go make out with your husband and you will get pregnant!"

me- "Okay, let's get back to your poem for your mom!"

GEEZE!!!  If that was how easy it could be, RE's wouldn't be in business!!

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Fri, 05-08-2009 - 9:04am


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Fri, 05-08-2009 - 9:22am
That is very cute. Innocence!


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Fri, 05-08-2009 - 6:44pm

I feel your pain! My students say stuff like that all the time.

About a month after my mc my class asked me so innocently if I'm a mom. When I said "No, not yet." They all started chiming in, "You really should be. You'd be a great mom. Yeah! You'd be the best mom ever!"

Then yesterday one kid said to me, "Luis says that you're

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