Update - AF is offically messing with me

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Update - AF is offically messing with me
Thu, 08-20-2009 - 11:57am

So I expected full AF today. Today is CD 28 & my cycles are usually 27 days.

I used a tampon last night just in case so I wouldn't be "suprised" if her visit came overnight. Well there was nothing on it today (sorry if TMI).

I took my temp & it was 98.6 & my coverlive in FF is 98.1.

Good news right? Well after I got to work I checked again & I'm still spotting very faintly basically not enough to make it on to a pantyliner.

None of the spotting is out of the ordinary for me except the CD#.

My bb's still hurt (which usually goes away the day before AF shows) and my temp is still high.


I want to buy a test but I know I will be setting myself up for a huge dissapointment if it is a BFN.

I was going to test today but I think I will wait until the weekend.

Maybe by then the hag will already be here so I won't need to waste my money.

Thanks for listening:)




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Thu, 08-20-2009 - 8:55pm

Oh Nat. (((HUGGSS))) Im so sorry.


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Fri, 08-21-2009 - 11:28am
Nat I am so sorry!


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Sun, 08-23-2009 - 10:16am
I am bummed for you.